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In this episode, Jim & Tyson will go over their plans for 2019 and interview each other, going deep into their firms and where are things at with their businesses. Listen as they talk about their goals, including systems, marketing, growth mindset and time management.  

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  • Tyson’s questions for Jim
    • What’s your #1 goal for this quarter?
      • Build  out from start to finish the H-1B system (work visas)
    • What is it that excites you the most whenever you come to work each day?
      • No more cases and only entrepreneur/leader work
      • Follow up with people with LeadDocket
    • How many different systems do you have set up right now and what do each of them do?
      • integration with LeadDocket
      • Scheduling with Apptoto
      • LeadDocket > Attorney/Client agreement in Pandadoc
      • Cleo > Client management
      • Cleo > Docketwise: Immigration Form Software: clients input their data
    • In December, what’s one thing you think you will be glad you got past through that?
      • Office in Chicago up and running
      • Overall 1 year goal for 2019
      • Satellite offices around the Country
    • Do you feel like you are on track to achieve the goals you set out 5 years ago?
      • For sure! The firm is really humming!


  • Jim’s questions for Tyson:
    • What’s been going on from a growth standpoint since you re-started your firm?
      • Team of 12, not all stateside employees
      • Massive growth
      • Good hires
      • The Pod model vs Departamental model
      • Got over the fear of hiring people
    • Office setup and maintaining a presence in 2 cities
      • Full time staff in Columbia and full time staff in St. Louise.
    • Focus on the next 3 months
      • Getting a new office
      • Work with multiple offices
      • Videos and marketing
    • How are you spending your time and are you happy with the way that you are spending your time in a daily basis?
      • Growth has been stressful
      • 3 things I need to do to focus on my goals
      • Reviewing actual cases
      • Discovery
    • Are you happy with where things are at?
      • I am!
      • The firm is going in the right direction and it’s strong financially


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