The Skills To Run A Successful Law Firm And Be A Good Lawyer ML089
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In this episode, Jim and Tyson will go over the different kind of skills you need to run a successful law firm and be a good lawyer.

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“Why the skills that make you a good lawyer probably are not the same skills you need to run a successful firm?”

Lawyer VS Entrepreneur:
Sometimes people have occupations that fit their personality and sometimes they don’t. Being a good lawyer is not the same as being a good entrepreneur and business owner. Although it sure shares a lot of values and mindsets.

Identify Your Skills:
Finding what it is that you are really good at, what your unique strengths are, it’s really important because: 1, it helps you figure out what you are good at and what you should be doing, and 2, it helps you find people who have different skill sets that can support you and fill in the places where you might be weak.

Think Outside The Box:
If you are doing the same thing as everybody else, you are probably doing the wrong thing and you need to really look outside of your usual space to find people that can teach you things that you haven’t thought about. Some of the best tools that we use came from outside of legal marketing…

How Can I Be Doing That Better?:
Whenever you are listening to CLE’s or business podcasts, etc, don’t think “Great, I am already doing that”, think “How can I be doing that better”?

Invest In Yourselves:
You really need to make time and find out people who you resonate with you. Keep pushing yourself.

Take Action!
Implement what you know. Read a lot, study a lot, listen a lot, but implement.

Max Law Con:

Hacking’s Hack: Inventory your email and delegate: Categorize the different types of email that you receive and once you have a comprehensive list of categories of emails that need responses, delegate those emails automatically to the right person in your office. .

Tyson’s Tip:
A book from a coach: “Organize Your Team Today: The Mental Toughness Needed to Lead Highly Successful Teams”, by Jason Selk, Tom Bartow and Matthew Rudy.


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