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In this episode, Jim & Tyson interview Mitch Jackson, The Streaming Lawyer. Listen as they dive deep into the mindset of social media and go over the importance of showing your human side in your marketing, consistency and choosing the right platforms for your content.

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If you want to listen more about Mitch, go to his previous episode.


  • Mitch’s brand new book: The Ultimate Guide to Social Media For Business Owners, Professionals and Entrepreneurs
    • 1st part: There’s a strategy and mindset for social media
    • 2nd part: Understanding the personality of the platforms
    • 3rd part: All about communicating: communicate better
  • Why should lawyers care about social media
    • It’s all about community and sharing your human side
    • Being helpful, listening, sharing and adding value to your community
    • Be relevant, stay relevant and design a long term future for you and your firm

“Everyone is walking around with a smartphone in their hand, and if you are not creating content that works well with a mobile device, you are not going to be relevant. If you are not relevant, you are not going to get noticed, you are not going to be top of mind and you are not going to bring in that new business.”

    • The importance of Mindset
      • As Bob Burg says in The Go Giver: “Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interest first.”
      • Understanding the mindset of social media
  • Social Media is not a sprint
    • Each platform has its own rhythm or vibe
      • Relationships take a long type to nurture
      • Read the book How to Win Friends & Influence People
      • Be genuinely interested in other people, in their platform and what they are sharing
      • As a lawyer be interested in what your clients are doing
    • Favourite platforms
      • Live video and live streaming platforms
      • Embrace the platform or the medium that you are comfortable on
  • Sharing your WHY
  • The importance of consistency
      • Daily basis, be consistent
      • Have the right attitude
      • Know when to get your message out: OVERPOSTING
      • Know yourself and your audience
    • Chapter 15 of the book with John Fisher
      • Offline referral approach + social media
      • Expand how we think about what we are doing
      • Don’t limit yourself
    • Learnings editing the book
  • Less digital and more human

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Jim’s hack: A new app: Don’t Break The Chain!

Mitch’s hack: SHOW YOUR HUMAN SIDE. Be strategically transparent on social media.

Tyson’s tip: Do you have multiple apps and tabs open on your desktop? One app to rule them all, STATION.


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