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In this Pop-up episode, Tyson interviews Marisa Portuondo, a solo practitioner from Miami, FL. Marisa owns Portuondo Law Firm and focuses on business law and property damage. Listen as they discuss about hiring the right person and go over the different processes and techniques they use in their law firms.

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  • Difficulties about hiring
    • Including instructions in job postings
    • 1 of 40 followed instructions in job posting
    • Experience VS instructions
  • Requiring cover letter
    • Require a pdf cover letter
  • Awesome Indeed functions
    • 3 different proficiency quizzes
    • An audio test for people who should use a lot the phone in their jobs
  • Other platforms like Craigslist and ZipRecruiter
  • Generational hiring
    • Skills
    • Technology
    • Using paper
    • Using the phone
  • Training up and coming younger generations these skills
    • Attorneys now are doing a working interview to see how they handle things
  • Hiring process:
    • Hiring someone who comes from a company, who is already trained
    • Put XYZ in subject line; follow instructions
  • Tyson’s Process:
    • Follow instructions in job post
    • Submit the job application before the interview
    • Personality test
    • Pre interview questions and rate themselves
    • Second interview in coffee shop: interactions with other people
    • Third interview: stand up presentation in white board: teach us something
    • Skills assessment
    • Tests from Atticus




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