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In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview Seth Prince and John Fisher! They will dive into their marketing going through their systems, strategies, advice to people going solo, the future of marketing, and more!

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John’s podcast episode

His firm:


Seth’s podcast episode

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Referral Marketing VS Online Marketing. Which is better?


John has a strong history with referral marketing; his medical malpractice firm thrives on referrals from other attorneys… He will over his systems in place and different strategies.


“Basically they were transferring the trust that they’d built up with their client on to me…”


“When I would get a referral, it could be from the biggest plaintiff’s firm in the state of NY, who spends millions of dollars in marketing expenses every year, but I’m not paying a penny for that.”


The Moonshot Challenge

“Every lawyer listening to this should have his own Moonshot Challenge, and that is an ambitious 5 year plan for your firm that you think it’s absolutely impossible to achieve.”


Seth Price’s Marketing Strategy


Seth has a strong history with Digital Marketing, and he runs his own Legal Digital Marketing agency.


“Having a goal, puting systems in place and executing on them is the right answer for whatever you wanna do.”


“We wanted the best from both worlds. We thought that if we leveraged digital for expanding our footprint and building that raving herd, that the referrals would also come over time. And that has happened. That allowed us to grow at a rate that we could not have, if we had only relied on relationship marketing.”


John and Seth’s advice if you are about to start your own firm


John: “The first and sole responsibility that you have, it’s with your family. And that means protecting them. It’s ethically permissible to notify the clients who you are actively handling their cases, that you will be leaving the firm while you are working in the firm. Once you are physically out the door it’s ethically permissible to go to the clients and solicit them.”


Seth: “Have a URL, put it live, put some content up, let the URL start to age, so while you are figuring things out, getting your house in order, you re at least taking care of what would be dead or wasted time on the Google sandbox; time that Google doesn’t really allow a website to be seen until it knows you are going to be around for a bit.”


How the law and marketing is going to be different in 5 years? And how you are going to have to adjust the way to market now to fit that?


Seth: “Looking for places where there’s less competition, and then also looking for areas in the law that are underserved…”  


John: “You have to consider your harsh reality. This means looking at the worst case scenario that you have for your Law Firm, and accepting it as a possibility.”


What’s one thing that you would like to adopt from the other person that you are not using in your practice right now? Listen to the episode and learn these answers!


If you want a free copy of John’s book, go to


Hacking’s hack: A blog post.


It talks about how if you can build a tribe of 1000 people  who really know you and really like and trust you, that you can really build out everything you need from a marketing and referral based practice. Great article.


John’s tip: Build a website that’s just for internal purposes in your law firm where people right entries for new policies in your firm every day.


Seth’s tip: The idea of repricing major expense areas.


Tyson’s tip: Filevine, Case Management Software for the Modern Law Firm.




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