The $100 Million Verdict w/ Ryan McKeen 470
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He is the CEO of Connecticut Trial Firm and attorney of the highest bodily injury verdict in the State of Connecticut!

With a dollar amount in mind, Ryan and his partner set out with a specific goal in mind about five years ago when it all began with his client, but this verdict certainly exceeded expectations.

Something that may surprise many is that Ryan had no doubt about his goal. He set out knowing that his goal was going to happen but also knew it was going to take a significant amount of work and skill.

One of the great things about Ryan is that he understands that clients are scared, hurt and confused, which is why he represents individuals every day against multi-billion dollar corporations that are focused on profits, not people.

Being the first person in his family to graduate from a four-year college, Ryan has dedicated his life to putting law into plain English. 

2:35 we want a $10 million jury verdict

6:23 we were not established

11:03 we really wanted to understand what they went through

14:07 initial demand of $60 million

19:51 I was in court sobbing

Jim’s Hack: There’s no substitute for looking out into the future deciding where you want to be, writing it down, and then working backward to build the infrastructure to get where you want to be.

Ryan’s Tip: Even if something feels out of reach for you, believe in yourself. Surround yourself will better people, go for it and figure it out because you can do it. Everything is figuroutable!

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