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Taking the path from trial lawyer to podcast producer was anything but direct for Robert.

After suffering for years with anxiety, battling long hours, intense pressure, and constant conflict, Robert knew he had to make a change. Not knowing what to do next, he stumbled upon a love for podcasts. With no marketing or business experience, he decided to start a podcast for his firm with the hope that one day he could help law firms launch their own podcast.

Within four years, Robert’s dream became a reality, and LawPods was producing podcasts for the biggest brands in law!

Robert is the founder of LawPods, podcasts for lawyers. At LawPods, Robert and his team help some of the premier law firms in the world launch and grow branded podcasts that build relationships, boost SEO, and drive revenue.

Nowadays, Robert also enjoys teaching the art of podcasting and speaking on topics such as Podcast Content Marketing, Prioritizing Mental Health, Entrepreneurship, and Law Office Technology. 

If there’s one thing he wants you to know, it’s that you only need a minimal time investment to have a world-class firm podcast.

2:12 started out in criminal defense 

6:23 you’ve got to get it together

10:45 biggest obstacles in the beginning

14:28 not having a plan

18:51 listen to those blocks of episodes

25:05 video, having the video on YouTube

Jim’s Hack: Check out the book Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness by Sharon Salzberg.

Robert’s Tip: Check out the Personal Injury Mastermind podcast by Chris Dreyer and the book Mindset by Carol Dweck.

Tyson’s Tip: A good stress management tip is to declutter and clean your freaking desk!

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