Performance Mentality and Mental Toughness to Run Your Law Firm ft. Jason Selk ML110


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In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview Jason Selk. Jason is considered to be one of the top performance coaches in the United States; he trains individuals and teams to develop the mental toughness necessary for high-level success. They will go over the importance of having a performance mindset in your life and your business, and how mental toughness can help you grow your firm.

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Jason’s Website


Are you fighting it out to the very end?


The importance of confidence: The perfectionist mindset VS. the performance mindset.

Self confidence is the number one variable for all performers. What that perfectionist mentality does, is it really takes its toll on a person self confidence. If I keep thinking about that error or that missed opportunity, and not focusing also on the things I’ve done well, my confidence is gonna take a beating. We try to train people to develop the performance mentality, that it’s about recognizing what you have done well and relentlessly improving.


“Highly successful people NEVER get anything done in one given day, but what they do is, ALWAYS get their most important activities done each and every day.”


Plateaus in business

“Plateaus will happen. There will be times where you’re kind of in that phase of doing the work and not seeing the immediate results, but if you stay with it: 30, 60, 90 days, nailing your one most important and usually getting the 3 most important done each day, you are probably gonna find plateaus don’t last very long; that you find ways to keep moving it to the next level.”


The mindset of saying no

The first step to saying no is evaluating where your time and energy are going, and in terms or relevance, what’s most important? If right now you are feeling overwhelmed, the next step is to eliminate 10% to 20% of what you are currently doing. The third step, is moving forward. The next time anyone ask you something, before saying yes, identify what will you say no to.

Don’t overload yourself. Prioritize.


The book


Hacking’s hack: Have a podcast!


Jason’s tip: Go back to the 3 most important and 1 must. Identify your 3 most important activities and of that 3 what’s the one most important activity that must get done every day.


Tyson’s tip:

  1. If you ever had problems downloading and viewing .ZIP files, there’s an app called Browser. The icon is an arrow pointing down.
  2. Get the book Organize your team today.




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