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In this pop-up episode, Jim interviews Tyler Blair, an account executive with Apptoto; an online scheduling software. Jim’s have been using this software in his Firm and they’re really happy with it. Listen as they go over its different features and advantages.

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  • About Tyler
    • 2 and a half years in Apptoto
    • Answering emails and phone calls; problem solving and troubleshooting
    • Support
  • What Apptoto is
    • Reminders for anyone who needs it
    • Automated solutions
    • Persistent communication with client
    • Flexible service: customizable
    • Rules
    • Robust platform
  • Booking pages
    • Most popular feature
    • Eliminate back and forth communication
    • It looks directly at your calendars and it’s able to present availability to your clients
  • Multiple schedules
    • Individual booking pages
    • Set up single calendar or multiple calendars
    • Flexibility and customizability
  • User friendly
    • Straight forward configuration
  • Calendar integration
    • Integration with a lot of calendars
    • Automation
    • Google integration
  • Reminders
    • Text, voice calls and email
  • Voice calls
    • Robo voice
    • Upload recorded MP3
    • Respond directly
  • Zapier integration
  • No show tracking
    • Mark appointments
  • GIFT: Anybody who signs up by the end of the year gets 50% off for the first three months.


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