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In this Pop-up episode, Jim interviews Jess Birken while they wait for their flight to get back home after the Lawyer Forward Conference. Jess is a Lawyer and Consultant for nonprofits who runs her own Law Firm; Birken Law Office. They will go over her business, how she uses infoproducts to educate her clients and make the most of the consults they have and the advantages of her subscription model!

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Find Jess on Twitter and on HackYourPractice


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    • About Jess and her business
      • How did she get into that niche
      • Going out on her own
    • What does it mean to be a Lawyer for nonprofits
      • Small business law with an extra layer of compliance
      • Special rules
      • Contracts - Real Estate - PR issues
      • STARTUPS and Founders - Organizations
      • Helping others
    • Dabblers
    • Lawyers serving on boards of nonprofits
    • If you are a Lawyer serving or wanting to serve on a board, check out this letter to give to your board chair to keep your roles clear.


  • Information Products


    • Selling the information that it’s “in your head”.
    • Online Course, eBook, etc.
    • “An online course that’s really the advanced education that I wish people had before they met with me. Because in my consultations what I was doing, was just repeating the same things over and over again.”
    • What’s working:
      • Sales in her website
      • Selling the course as a way to upgrade the paid consultation
      • “Get the most out of your hour with me”
      • Lead magnets?
      • 75% of clients go for the upgrade
      • Consults more beneficial


  • “If clients go through the online course and the get the education on like the basics, they’ve done the homework hopefully and then they’re showing up  with more advanced questions.”


    • LinkedIn?


  • The Subscription Model


      • Flat monthly fee
      • Benefits
      • Flat fee menu


  • “Breaking it down into the smallest pieces, allows them to pace themselves and pay for it as they’re ready.”


  • Building a tribe in the nonprofit sector
    • Common problems
    • Bad advice in the community?
    • Excellent content and ideas
  • 3 years from now
    • Scaling: branching the nonprofit subscription out across multiple states.


Find Jess on Twitter and on HackYourPractice


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