Active Reporting w/ Nick Mahurin and Dean Whalen 376
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Today on the podcast Tyson sat down with MaxLawCon 2021 co-title sponsor Readback Active Reporting

The market insights are almost obvious, but the solutions have been evasive. The shortage of court reporters has been well known for many years. The shortage was acute prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s getting worse. Reporters are in an enviable position of enjoying strong demand for their services, but that doesn’t provide an incentive to innovate.

Additionally, attorneys and clients have been growing increasingly frustrated with escalating costs – especially the add-ons. There are fees per page, fees for copies, fees for rough copies, fees for rushing, fees for appearing, and on and on.

Finally, elite litigators were gladly paying much higher fees for real-time reporting in which they could see the transcript as the steno operator worked. We learned that they were getting an advantage, and we wanted to figure out how to deliver a similarly powerful experience to everyone. Tune in to this episode to learn how they’ve done just that.

Watch the interview here.

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