New Ways of Marketing on The Horizon with Nancy Myrland ML132
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In this episode, Jim & Tyson interview Nancy Myrland, Legal Marketing Guru and owner of Myrland Marketing. Listen as they talk about her journey from traditional marketing to social and digital marketing and go over the new ways of legal marketing, including content creation, voice searches, and Amazon Flash Briefs.   

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    • About Nancy
      • Works with lawyers and their legal marketers and helps them understand and integrate social and digital media into their existing marketing practices
      • Been around in legal marketing since “the traditional marketing”
      • Right in the middle of the invention of social and digital media
    • Hot back in the day?
      • Relationship based marketing
      • Meeting with people
      • Getting stories placed in local and national trade publications: “others telling our story for us”
      • Paper newsletters
  • Another disruptor in the market
      • Social media and digital media
      • Voice and Video
      • Long tail searches and questions: conversation with devices > brief answers
      • The advantage of producing short form content
      • Delivering the information that is asked for
      • Editing and repurposing
      • Content strategies
    • ROI on Flash Briefs
      • Amazon > Flash briefs
  • “You have to market your marketing”
    • Advice to get started as quickly as possible
      • Marketing strategic plan
      • Don’t waste money, time and resources
    • ENERGY > A communicator and a connector at heart
      • Love to talk about things that I’m passionate about
      • Got to connect with people
  • “Am I doing everything I could be doing”
  • About Pushcrew
    • Re-engage visitors and drive them back to your website, from anywhere on the browser

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