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In this episode, Jim & Tyson interview Talitha Gray Kozlowski, a lawyer who specializes in bankruptcy and is the Co-Founder of Lawclerk.Legal, a firm that helps small firms to elevate the practice of law by engaging talented U.S. freelance lawyers to assist you on an as needed basis. They will go over her business and her new company, built from scratch. Listen as Talitha shares all about this new venture; how to make it possible and how to focus your time and energy so as to improve your life and practice.

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  • About Talitha
  • About Lawclerk Legal and how Talitha got there
    • LawclerkLegal > A marketplace that connects busy attorneys with freelance attorneys
    • Have over one thousand four hundred freelance attorneys/Do written work
    • Developed to:
    • 1)Help low and small firms elevate the practice of law
    • 2)Provide access to specialization, better products for clients at lower costs and all the business side increasing products
    • Started with six offices, and one in DC/Lobbying
    • Legal business broken/Improving the quality of practice of law
    • Nine members broke off and opened small shop in Las Vegas
    • Specializing in distinctive areas of law and better serve clients
    • Missed expertise of additional areas of law and sets of hands
    • Law clerk idea/Small firm taking on bigger cases
    • Access to huge talent of other attorneys
  • Moving away from day to day practice of law and growing something else
    • Corporate bankruptcy are unique practice
    • Helping companies re think about their business
    • Three co-founders/Two with same background
    • Many years thinking how businesses can improve and how other attorneys can improve as well
  • What partners do to make it work
    • Long time together practice
    • Mutual respect
    • Willingness to advocate for their position
    • Very good communication
  • Case > Process for assignment/An Immigration lawyer in St. Louis - Person in Washington facing deportation after having been caught with bag of weed/Someone in Lawclerk research immigration consequences of that conviction
    • As user friendly as possible/Attorney’s time is their most critical resource
    • “To post project need research invocations of a bag of weed in Washington”
    • Setting application period, fee price for project>controlling ultimate cost, initial draft, deadline for final draft, area of law and general description of what has been looked for with no confidential information
    • Hitting post of conflict information/Security site
    • Freelancers application/Selection/Provide information/Signment of confidentiality agreement
    • Time card and product/Payment tendered
  • Off the ground: Getting lawyers to want to trust and getting them into system to do work
    • “Markets are delicate and have to balance both sides”
    • Internally testing and marketing
    • Once an  attorney has posted one project they begin to post multiple projects/See value
    • Pool of talented attorneys looking to practice law differently
    • Platform offers freelancers flexibility for unique situations
  • Data on how the job posting attorney builds the client for the law clerk like an average of charge percentage wise or dollar wise”
    • Location/Reasonable market value
    • At Lawclerk ⅓ for freelance attorneys, ⅓ for profit and ⅓ for overhead
    • Build out freelancers somewhere towards low end of couple of associates/Own big profit and big value for clients
  • A case > A lawyer hiring a law clerk to write a brief/Another law clerk to write opposition/Ready for oral argument of the issue - Other scenarios
    • Critical feedback on briefs to prepare oral arguments
    • Discovery front/Attorneys getting interrogatories from opponent council/Off to client to fill out/Framing up with appropriate objections and responsive to request
    • Good way to get through discovery in a cost effective manner
  • Ethic issues/Term clerk
    • Freelance attorneys work in a paraprofessional capacity/Model Rules both 5.3 and 5.4/Can legalize paraprofessionals to provide work as long as under supervision
    • Lawclerk is compliant with all fifty states ethical rules
    • Totally safe on unauthorized practice of law issues/Ability to have incredible specialization
    • Supreme Court > Able to upcharge for the contract paralegal work, for freelance attorney work and contract attorney work as long as dealing services with reasonable market rates
  • Interesting success stories
    • Military spouses moving in high frequency
    • Mechanism in finding meaningful employment
  • Practicing law in different states
    • Type of work been done
    • Federal practice
    • Finding somebody in one’s jurisdiction
    • Pool of freelance attorneys
  • Balance running practice and building side business
    • Scaling practice
    • Plan and schedule


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Jim’s hack: Listening to audio from book Marketing Rebellion by Mark Schaefer /Automation/Interaction with client/”Relook at what we are doing in a marketing perspective from a human and recipient approach”


Talitha’s hack: “Find what you like to do” “Find what you like in your practice” “Focus your time and energy on that and you will improve your life and practice”

Tyson’s tip: “What are the things I want to remove from my life?”/Removing negative things one at a time will make life easier




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