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In this episode, Jim & Tyson interview Megan Zavieh, with Zavieh Law. Megan is an attorney with a broad range of litigation experience now focusing on attorney defense in the California State Bar disciplinary system. Listen as they go over her business, her strategies and marketing, information products and ethics.

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    • About Megan:
      • Everyone of her clients is a Lawyer
      • She represents them in state bars proceedings
      • Applicants for the state bar and general ethics consulting
      • Advice lawyers who are getting creative with the delivery of service
      • Started in Big Law but her work and life weren’t compatible
      • Launched her practice in tending to represent primarily self represented lawyers
      • Consulting services
    • Graduated from University of California, Berkeley - School of Law at the age of 21!
    • Megan is a Spartan racer
  • “There is something incredibly empowering about doing something that looks way too hard, or just completely impossible when your standing at the front end of it, and then getting to the end and looking back and realizing what you’ve accomplished. It carries over into everything in life…”
  • Having lawyers as clients
    • They can understand everything quickly
    • Intellectual discussions
    • Contribute to their own defense
    • Partnership in representation
  • Running the firm away from California
    • From Australia, it used to be a red flag
    • Now from Georgia, almost never comes in to the discussion
    • Very little travel involved
  • How do Lawyers find her
    • Google searches; website
    • Referrals: reticent to talk about the fact they have a State Bar problem
    • Social media and Podcast
  • Information products
    • Can be almost any consumable media content, that does not involve you talking individually to clients
    • Videos, online course, a book, etc.
    • Educating people about their legal needs and legal issues
  • The Playbook: The California Bar Discipline System Practice Guide
    • A guide to help people who are representing themselves through the California State Bar discipline process
    • A few forms
    • Videos
    • Forum
    • Library
    • Unlimited scale
  • How should people get started
  • Feedback from people who’ve downloaded the product
    • Need for consulting and guidance
  • The Podcast
    • A Legal Ethics podcast
    • Interviews from all sorts of products
    • The profession and ethics
  • Podcasting is an amazing media
    • Dive into topics
    • Meet great people
    • Great conversations

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