Episode 1: Introducing The Maximum Lawyer Podcast
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In this episode Tyson and Jim introduce themselves and tell us how they began their law journey.

Hacking´s Hack: Go on and listen to Dean Jackson and Joe Polish talk about marketing in their podcast –

Go back and start from the beginning, there are lots of great podcasts about marketing!
Before unit, during unit, and after unit: you come upon them at different stages of your project. Learn how to manage them.

Tyson´s Tip:  Basic, but elemental: The Top Five.

Every day you should write 5 things to be done. The same with your week. At the end of the day and the week they must be done. Small tasks are just fine, but write them done and get them done, this will keep you moving forward. Green pen for the completed tasks, and red for the non completed. You will hate to take out that red pen!

The Maximum Lawyer Podcast. Partner up and maximize your firm!

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