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In this episode, Jim & Tyson interview Andrew Stickel, owner of Social Firestarter, a marketing agency that works primarily with lawyers. Listen as they discuss different ways to market your law firm and how to differentiate from other law firms.

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    • Andrew’s presentation
      • The beginnings of his digital marketing agency for lawyers
      • Wanted to start a new company that actually made a difference for lawyers
      • Had a lot of lawyer contacts
    • The value of niching down and just specializing on working with lawyers
      • You get really good on 1 area: “Jack of all trades, master of none”
      • “All of our clients benefit from all our other clients”
    • Marketing for lawyers vs other professional services
      • Most businesses in the world can create offers that are obvious: “2x1”
      • You got to position yourself to be perceived as the expert
      • Lawyers who advertise like crazy get more clients that good lawyers
      • Be different from every other lawyer out there
      • De-commoditize yourself
    • Get perceived as an expert
      • Becoming an expert in law firm marketing
      • Provide a ton of value for lawyers
      • Went on camera and talk about topics that lawyers would find interesting about how to market a law firm
  • Marketing to law firms
      • Social media
      • Questions people have, most common problems
      • Content to help people solve small problems
      • Become the authority
    • Ways to differentiate your law firm
      • Facebook ads
      • Target the exact kind of people you are looking for
      • Facebook pixel
      • Solution style ads, answers to questions
      • Getting granular
    • The next level of marketing
      • Don’t get in your head, just do it
      • Educate yourself on how things work; facebook ads, groups, pages, etc.
    • People should stop doing immediately
      • Relying on 1 source of leads
      • SEO is getting more competitive
      • Start doing what other people aren’t doing
    • Best lawyers are the ones who are open to trying new things and understand that marketing is always evolving
    • The future:
  • It’s all about value
    • Mailing lists
    • Instagram
  • The difference between high production videos vs iphone videos
    • Done is better than perfect

Jim’s hack: Open new Google doc files just typing in in your browser. Also or

Andrew’s hack: A facebook hack: If you are running facebook ads, if you are a personal injury attorney or a criminal defense attorney, when targeting people, select an actual physical location. For example if you are a personal injury attorney, type in all the hospitals in the area that you serve.

Tyson’s tip: Go to Andy’s Youtube channel. Look at how he names his videos. Look at the art in the videos. Pretty incredible.


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