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In this episode, Jim & Tyson interview William D. Umansky, “The Law Man”. Bill is the owner of The Umansky Law Firm, a Criminal Defense Firm down in Central Florida. Listen as they go over Bill’s entrepreneurial journey growing his business and the self awareness mindset that keeps him moving forward and improving.     

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  • About Bill
    • He runs a Criminal Defense Firm in Central Florida and does about 75 to 100 cases a month
    • He practices Personal Injury himself
  • 75 - 100 criminal cases a month
    • Criminal is a low margin business
    • Good lawyers to handle that volume
    • Follow through with what you sell to people: REFERRALS
  • Success and money
    • Mindset
    • Signing cases
  • Building his firm: The Journey
    • From Prosecutor to Defense Attorney
    • Horrible bosses and problems with authority
    • Only and best choice: opening his firm
  • Passion
    • Help people
    • Perfect your craft
    • Grow and evolve


“If you have passion and you enjoy what you’re doing, the business side it’s important and it’ll come later you should start planning now for your business, but if you love what you’re doing, it all works out.”


  • Scaling the business
    • Get your INTAKE right
    • Track, track, track!
    • Systems
    • Know the numbers
  • Going into everything without an agenda


“When you are trying to get business, to be something, I find that that takes so much energy that it kills your joy of who your are. Just be. Just be yourself.”


    • The Go Giver mentality
    • Positivity


  • “If it stops being fun then why are we here?”



    • Power Principles for Success
      • The chapter Bill wrote in this book is about overcoming bad situations and turn negative into positive. Flip it.
    • Struggles
      • Business: Technology
      • Personal: Am I too selfish?


  • Self-awareness and being honest with yourself and others



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