Expert Witness Services For Law Firms – Pop-up Episode
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In this pop-up episode, Tyson interviews Paul Lee, the Director of Business Development at The Expert Institute. The Institute connects attorneys with expert witnesses in all specialty areas. Listen as they go over what The Institute does and how it can help lawyers and law firms.

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    • What the Institute does?
      • Streamline the entire process from the start when a potential client walks through the door; reviews, screening, experts
      • Offices in Dallas, NY and Los Angeles
      • Their team of physicians should be viewed as an extension of your firm
      • Partnership program; unlimited access to their suite of services
      • Focus on experts who work on their specialty; true experts
    • Transparent as possible
      • No contracts
      • A technology software that connects lawyers with true experts
      • Research team


  • All kind of experts


      • The institute will find the best expert for you
    • The Challenge Study
      • Extensive check on the experts they provide


  • Detailed reports on opposing experts





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