Episode 61: The 10 Things Lawyers Should Say No To
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In this episode, Jim and Tyson will go over a list of the 10 things lawyers should say no to; the traps that can become time sucks, the things that can become distractions from growing our firm and focusing on our practice.

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1. SAY NO to new advertising avenues until you master the ones you are already using and advertising that you don’t understand.
2. SAY NO to any sales calls.
3. SAY NO to potential clients that you have a bad feeling in your gut about.
4. SAY NO to matter types that you are not familiar with or lack the system necessary to handle accordingly.
5. SAY NO to volunteering on a board unless you have oodles of time.
6. SAY NO to doing things just because you’ve always done it.
7. SAY NO to things that you shouldn’t be doing.
8. SAY NO to negative people, influences and employees.
9. SAY NO to distractions.
10. SAY NO to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Hacking’s hack: Follow a friend of mine. James Ashford.

He has a lot of great tips, he is really good in automation and a certified Infusionsoft partner.

Tyson’s tip: Have all your cases easily accessible in some format where you can easily flip through or go through the case status.

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