Episode 59 ft. Greg Jenkins: Business Automation
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In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview business automation guru Greg Jenkins, founder and CEO of Monkeypod Marketing. They will go over his career and discuss the importance of automation and systems and how it can help your business.

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“If you do something 3 times a day find a way to automate it…”

“If it is automated, it doesn’t have to feel that way and you don’t have to beat people over the head with automation, and if done properly automation can be really seamless and it should be contributing to your overall customer experience…”

Greg is founder and CEO of:, and his business is automation other businesses.

“marketing and automation tools when leveraged appropriately multiply your efforts and what your team is capable of…”

Hacking’s hack: Automate social network reactions with! Connect Your Apps and Automate Workflows. Listen to Greg’s example on how to use this tool! It is Excellent!

Greg’s hack: A website: All about tools and things that will make your life and your business easier.

Tyson’s tip:  A book: Zombie Loyalists: Using Great Service to Create Rabid Fans Hardcover – January 27, 2015

by Peter Shankman  (Author)



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