Episode 23 ft. Randall Ryder: The Bad Clients You Don’t Take will be the Best Money You Never Made
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You can’t bill for waking up on the middle of the night. You can’t bill for sitting in front of your computer willing to smash your keyboard because someone isn’t listening to you.

They’re just not worth it.

In this episode, Jim, Tyson and Randall will try to identify bad clients, and explain why it’s a good idea not working with them.

As many of solo practicing lawyers, Randall has the “good” struggle of not having enough time to do everything. He’s in a point in which he may need to add an associate or an assistant. He’s having trouble letting things go that he SHOULD let go.

Every client is not created equally and there are some clients who really aren’t worth 5 times what your normal fee would be.

So, how do you identify those clients? With experience. When somebody calls you and something just doesn’t feels right about what they said, or something about how they’re talking to you just doesn’t feel right, something doesn’t line up; just go with your gut.

“I have a great case!”… No you don’t!

Bad clients can crowd out good clients, they leave you without energy to deal with new clients or with actual good clients. Re-allocate your resources from all the bad places to good places.

Randall’s Tip: You need to stand a lot of time on reading a lot of articles. Free information for people who want to go solo.

Hacking’s Hack: Google Sites. It allows you to build internal or external facing websites, and you can use it as an intranet. Very easy to use!

Tyson’s Tip: A book; “What to Do When it’s Your Turn (and it’s Always Your Turn)” by Seth Godin. The Domino Project; 1st edition (December 1, 2014).
It’s inspirational and motivational.

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