Episode 13: Become The Best Lawyer
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What are you doing to become the best?

Lawyers have the ethical and moral obligation to be the best in their practice areas. You have got to be striving constantly to improve your practice, your knowledge base and your systems. If you are not doing this, you might be having a problem, but if you are, it’s perfectly ok for you to use that in your marketing. If you are striving to be the best, you have a moral obligation to PROTECT your clients from those other attorneys who are not.

If you don’t feel like you are delivering the best client experience and the best representation to your clients, then that’s going to impact your mindset when you are meeting with clients. It’s gonna telegraph that you feel shaky about what it is what you do. Be confident on your skills. Use your reputation as your favor. Don’t seem desperate. Don’t lower your fees.

Hacking’s Hack: A Chrome extension for Google Mail. It allows you to compose while hiding all your inbox. Protect your focus.

Tyson’s Tip: HyFy, Also a Chrome extension. It’s free and it records your chrome tab and your voice.

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