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This week on the episode we have Brian Mittman, a worker’s comp lawyer based out of New York. In this episode we’ll cover naming your firm, shifting your mindset from learning to implementation, KPI’s and measuring firm health with metrics, and avoiding “growing broke” while scaling.

Hacking’s Hack:

In the old days, generating attorney-client agreements would take a day or two. We have now automated the process so that we can generate agreements while prospective clients are still in the office for their consult. Do whatever you can to make this process as quick as possible.

Tyson’s Tip:

Udemy. Its super cheap and has courses on everything, including PPC and management.

Brian’s Tip:

We switched over to a program that ties into QuickBooks called Bill.com. It has allowed us to not have to send checks which has been a huge help.

Another quick hack is to use HIIT to stay in shape. Don’t neglect your health.


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