Uplevel Your Health, Uplevel Your Life With Charles D’Angelo
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If you’ve been around Maximum Lawyer for a hot minute you may have seen and heard about Jim’s health transform this past year. Losing 75+lbs in the last four months with the coaching help of our guest today, Charles D’Angelo. 

Charles knows first hand what it’s like to feel stuck, once weighing 360lbs as a bullied teen. He took charge of his own life, dropped 160lbs, and for the last two decades has been on a mission to help others reclaim theirs. 

His unique coaching program focuses on changing your mindset so that you can change your life. It’s recognizing that you have to set aside blame and excuses, and ask yourself the question “How am I gonna move forward?”

Listen to this episode where Charles shares the first three steps you can take today to start making changes in your life for the future you want. Which will uplevel everything. Your home life, work life and everything in between. 

Let’s dive in. 


Episode Highlights: 

01:50 Charles journey from a 360lbs teenager to a decision to life changing result

03:53  Charles’s unique approach to a healthy life 

08:01 How to get people motivated to change … The core issue is NOT what you think

12:10 Helping other helpers become more effective and more efficient 

16:37 Let talk about negative self-talk …

19:43 Why you really need someone you can trust to talk to … a.k.a sanity is best outsourced.

21:26 Cool tools that Charles would recommend to people … and it’s not what you think 


Jim’s Hack: Sweat, sweat, sweat. That 5:00 AM on the treadmill. That is you telling yourself, you’re a priority! 

Charles Tip: Step one: Write down all the things that you’d like to see happen in your life. Step two: Go through and label each item on your list with how many years it will take you this creates a vision for your life. Step three: Start reading about the topics of the plans on your vision list to shorten the time it takes to get you there. 

Tyson Tips: In the Apple watch, when in the, fitness app, you can turn your dial whenever, you’re running and it shows you what zone you’re in especially handy if you want to do some zone two training, 


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