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In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview Justin Maxwell, cofounder of call answering & intake service for small & solo businesses. They will go over his story and business, the service that it provides and how it can help law firms. Also, they will go into Artificial Intelligence and its role in upcoming intake services.

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The firm:
What does is when someone calls or chats through the website, it can determine if they are the right customer for your business and get them booked on your calendar and even get payments from them just to make sure that they are fully qualified and converted into your lead.

“You can put out Adwords, you can have people refer you, but if you are not doing something with those leads you are really wasting your money...”

Artificial Intelligence
“We’ve been training a system on how to qualify customers and how to provide tools to actual live virtual receptionists, and how to better qualify customers as well. Artificial intelligence assisting real people who are great on the phone and great qualifying customers.”

Hacking’s hack:
A podcast:

Justin’s tip:
Use the promo code Maxlaw when signing up to to get 50 Dollars off your first month!

Find out what you do really well, focus on that and then fill the gaps around it.

Tyson’s tip:
If you have a process goal, and this process goal is gonna lead you to great results, put those on your calendar and put them early in the morning. Because late in the afternoon you are exhausted.


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