“You’re In Sales” w/ Billie Tarascio 184
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This week we’re sharing an incredible speaking engagement from Billie Tarascio at MaxLawCon.

Billie Tarascio is the owner of modern law, one of the fastest growing family law firms for the last 4 consecutive years, and a founding member of modern law practice. She is a two time author and law form consultant on issues related to intake, consultations, law firm finance, governance and leadership. Contact her on Twitter at @mymodernlaw.

Billie is also a skilled practitioner, national speaker, law firm business consultant and a Martindale-Hubbel honored attorney. She was granted the prestigious “Client Distinction” award based on her Communications Ability, Responsiveness, Quality of Service, and Value for Money. Fewer than 4% of attorneys nationwide have been accorded this honor of distinction.

In today’s episode Billie teaches us about biological hacks in sales, creating a sense of urgency and mistakes attorney’s make in consultations.

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