“You Don’t Have to Reinvent the Wheel” w/ Alexis Austin 176
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This week on the show we have Alexis Austin, CEO and Managing Attorney at Right Law Group, P.C., an Estate Planning Law firm based out of Colorado Springs, CO.

In today’s episode, we’ll talk about transitioning a business model, building a lifestyle firm, and how to use the success of other businesses to grow your firm.

Hacking’s Hack:

Write down your list of excuses, and then burn that piece of paper.  But before you do, on another page write the opposite of your excuses.  These will be your life marching orders for 2020.

Tyson’s Tip:

Save the coupons you receive from vendors, then buy in bulk to save thousands of dollars. Bonus: Download the free Honey Chrome extension to save a ton of money:

As coupons come in from the vendors you use on a regular basis save them and then use them on bulk purchases to save the most money!

Alexis’s Tip:

Do what you feel is right. Don’t conform yourself to what the practice of law says that you should do.

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