What Would It Take to 3X Your Business?


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What pieces do you need in place to start your law firm? What is the thought process and mindset that gets you to “take the leap”? What foundations would you need to get started?

In today’s episode Jim and Tyson are interviewing Josh Rohrscheib the new law firm owner and start up of Onward Injury Law. Josh started his own firm recently — and as he says in this interview there are so many great things about starting your own firm including starting with that blank canvas. Having the ability to take what you love to your new start up and leave what you don’t like.

This and more is what we are talking about today! So listen in.

Episode Highlights:

01:09 Josh’s big news – He started his own law firm with people that he loves working with and hiring one of his best friends as his marketing director!

02:00 The thought process about hiring a marketing director right out of the gate – which is – What if I could put someone with 40 hours behind them in this area that they are an expert in?!

04:15 The Genesis, thought process and planning to go out on your own and how being comfortable can be a crutch

06:44 When you are questioning your impact

08:32 How are you feeling, being 2 months into owning your own firm?

10:16 Decision making behind the naming the new firm – Onward Injury Law

12:29 The planning that went into the starting of the law firm

14:29 What’s it like starting out with a blank canvas?

16:11 What needs to take place for you to know that this was the right move

17:50 Having a mindset to focus on the good

Jim’s Hack: If you work out at the gym keep an eye out for the people that are working hard and give them a thumbs up.

Josh’s Tip: 1. TextExpander Course for lawyers 2. Lainer Trail Academy MasterClass: A three day masterclass for lawyer 3. ”This is Water” speech by David Wallance

Tyson Tip: Switchmail.com – The easiest way to securely send business mail online.

🎥 Watch the full video on YouTube here.

Connect with Josh:


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