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This week on Maximum Mom, your host Elise Buie joined Victoria Collier.

Victoria is a two-lawyer married couple (both women) who had twins. Her wife (ADA) stopped working to be the primary home caregiver while she (law firm owner) became the sole financial support. 19 years later, while still with minor children, Victoria sold her law firm and "started over". So many say they "can't" because of the children; she says "I must" because of the children. Credentials: attorney, entrepreneur, published author, coach, advisor, speaker, mom, veteran, and a latch key kid who's now taking care of her parents (classic sandwich generation).

Victoria Collier opened her own law firm straight out of law school, building from the experience she obtained as a paralegal in the Air Force and in the private sector.  Although Victoria’s niche was in Elder Law Estate Planning, she created a niche within that niche by being the first to teach Veterans Benefits for Seniors to elder law attorneys across the nation. In addition, Victoria co-owned a multi-million dollar company coaching other estate and elder law attorneys on how to build and scale their law firms.    

She owned and operated her law firm for 19 years before she sold it in 2020. Prior to the sale, Victoria maintained average gross revenues between $1 - $1.5 million dollars for five consecutive years. Victoria currently co-owns another multi-million dollar business that helps Veterans, as well as owning a consulting firm and a Hemp Farm and CBD oil business. She has previously owned an insurance firm, publishing company, and a real estate business. 

Victoria has completed an extensive study on the valuation, purchase, merger, and sale of businesses, including obtaining her Certified Exit Planning Advisor designation.  

While all the other business coaches are offering to help you “build and grow” your business, Victoria focuses on helping you either Love your business or Leave your business and Walk Away Happy.    

Victoria loved her business and the clients she served. And then she didn’t. She knew she had a choice to either fall back in love with it or sell it to someone else.  She decided to sell it to someone else (when you get the chance, ask her why she chose that option).  Victoria spent three years positioning her law firm to sell it.  Then, when the decision was made to sell, it took less than 90 days to find the buyer, draft the legal documents, and close. 

Victoria now spends a great deal of her time with her children on the farm (as well as in the city where they still live and go to school), building her CBD business, and coaching attorneys on positioning their firms to either support its owner the right way or allow the owner to sell it and feel good walking away.  

3:35 emotional intelligence 

6:32 elder law and estate planning

10:06 the first 30 days

14:12 if we’re truly going to walk away

18:21 Let them have their own failures

23:27 love it or leave it

27:46 find me a buyer

31:43 who you listen to

36:01 the hemp

40:38 I do the coaching for lawyers

45:10 whichever way they go

Watch the interview here.

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