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In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview Garrett Moon, CEO and co-founder of CoSchedule a calendar and mission control for your marketing team and strategy, and the author of the 10x Marketing Formula. They will go over his beginnings as an entrepreneur,the idea behind CoSchedule and how it can help your law firm, his book and a lot more!

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Early times:
Before CoSchedule, Garret runned a Marketing Agency where they did marketing consulting, web design and some software costume development. And what they started seeing is a consistent pattern of marketing teams struggling to implement their day to day jobs. We had the urge to solve that problem…

His site: https://coschedule.com/
His book: https://10xmarketingformula.com/

CoSchedule and legal marketing:
Most people are doing content marketing, many of your competitors are already doing it in some form or fashion and so it gets harder and harder to stand out. We have to start thinking about taking our content to a next level to really stand out from the competition.

The book:
The idea of the book was to show how we were able to get results even though we were entering a crowded marketplace…

The formula:
The 10x Formula book is a series of formulas or things that you can do as a team or as an individual to find you own individual 10x opportunity to multiply what you are doing. Systems, content, traffic, growth, competitors.

If you are running a law firm, these are some things you could do to improve your marketing:
1st phase: Learn how to acquire traffic. Learn how to use your website to let people find you and see you. Learn how to publish.
1. Content. Do it up to 5 times a week.
2. Get that content into social media and email.
3. Every time you do a blog post send it out to your entire list.

2nd phase: Call to action. Use something that the user can take away. Every time a user visits your website or reads your content you are gonna be giving them tangible value, and in exchange for that value you are gonna gain an email and an audience member.

3rd phase: Turn that audience into paying customers. Build the trust first with the content.

The Mindset:
One of the most valuable things is learning to prioritize opportunities very well. Opportunities that have the ability to multiply your results as a business by 10 times and can provide you with significant growth.

Max Law Con: May 17th and 18th

Hacking’s Hack:
It’s a book summary service with an audio summary, a textual summary and a video summary!

Garrett's Tip:
Learn to listen to audiobooks 1,5 times or 2 times faster! It is hard at first, but really valuable when you get used to it.

Tyson’s Tip:
List your done wells. Anything that move your goals forward an inch. Every day right them down. It will get you in the right mindset.


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