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Are you a law firm owner who is looking to integrate technology into your processes? In this episode of the Maximum Lawyer Podcast, host Tyson Mutrux discusses the transformative role of video messaging in his law firm. 

Video messaging platforms are great tools to use in law firms as they can cut out lengthy emails and conversations. Tyson provides insight on a few applications that are great for lawyers. One of these platforms is Dub, which allows you to record yourself while reviewing documents. For example, if you are reviewing a document that requires feedback, you can open up the document using Dub and record yourself providing feedback in short clips. It is an easy and efficient way for clients to hear your voice. It is also perfect to use when responding to clients as it provides a unique way to update them on files.

Listen in to learn more!

Episode Highlights:

  • 02:17 Various ways law firms can use video messaging, including sending case status updates, onboarding new clients, explaining legal concepts, appointment reminders, client meetings follow-ups, requesting client testimonials, holiday greetings, and explaining documents and more!
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Transcripts: Send a Video Message to Your Client Instead & More!

Welcome back to another episode of the Max Malheur podcast. This is Tyson, and I want to start today's episode by telling you about what I did this morning. So I had an email from a client that he sent me. He sent me a series of emails and he sent me one yesterday and a couple before that. But he sent me another one this morning.

and he wanted me to basically review this 17 page document that he had prepared in preparation for his deposition. And so as you can imagine, he's a type of a client that really likes to be prepared, always has lots of questions, he has very thoughtful questions, but unfortunately his questions usually require a ton of my time. And so what I did…

instead of me drafting up a very long email that would have taken me a really long time to do, I went through the parts of the document that he wanted me to review. Luckily, he didn't want me to review the whole 17 pages. And that was based on my conversation with him yesterday that I didn't have time to. And so he asked me to look through a couple different parts of it. And so what I did was I used, I used Dubb. Okay, I've talked about Dubb before.

which for those of you that don't know, it's a video platform and you can send video messages to clients. There's a lot of different ones out there. I think the original was bomb bomb. I don't know if bomb bomb's still around, but there's many different ways that you can send video messages these days. You could just record yourself and send a text message, but Dubb has other features that are pretty cool, but this video is not about Dubb. This video is, this podcast is about…

Tyson (02:48.494)
what I did in response. So I went through and I had his, that was what's kind of cool about Dobbin, you can do this with these other platforms. I had his document that he wanted me to review on my screen and it has a little bubble of my face. And what I did is I just went through and I answered his questions and I gave him feedback on the information that he had put in there. And so it was a very easy, efficient, but also it's a way to connect with the clients because they see my face.

and they hear my voice as opposed to just seeing black and white letters on a screen. And so it got me thinking though, okay, so what are some other ways though that we should be using these things? And I'll give you some examples of some of the things that we do, but I also, I brainstormed on this a little bit, because I think it would be helpful for ways that we could in our firm use more video messaging. And it's funny because we have tested this out, not tested, we have,

Introduced the idea to employees before and we've gotten some pushback on it, but I will tell you that was whenever we Before we did top grading before we did a lot of Changes with with the personnel that we have and so I I do wonder I've sent a message and I'll get to That that message in a second that I sent and I'm I'm waiting feedback and by the end of this episode I actually might have an answer because they may have already responded but let's jump into it because I want to get into the

tips for things that we, ways we use it, but also ways that, or some ideas that I'd come up with. The first thing is, and this is something that we do use, it's just sending case status updates to clients. I will tell you, just sending that video update, you get far less questions than if you were to send an email or a text message.

You're not having to make a phone call either. It's kind of nice. You can give more context You can give you have like that the the non verbals that people can see Whenever you're talking that you don't get in an email or text message But sending those updates to them just sending a case update to them is a really easy way That seems like a really obvious way, right? But it's it's a really good way. Another one is Onboarding new clients. So check this out. And this is something that we've done for quite some time you what do you do is?

Tyson (05:12.43)
New new client comes through shoot a quick message Hey James, this is Tyson with mutual firm. Just wanted to welcome you to the firm There's a script, you know, well, I just wanted to thank you for joining the firm I wouldn't say welcome you to the firm But when I want to thank you for hiring us to handle your personal injury case If you ever have a question, feel free to give me a call at any time I'm here for you that kind of a thing so you can come up with whatever script that that you have But you can use it to whenever you're doing that

Introduce the team members that are going to be handling their case giving them some an overview of whatever the initial steps of the case are And it's going to really allow you to set that positive tone that you want whenever it comes to the beginning of a case all right another one where I've done this before because I needed to explain a legal concept to a client. Okay, so I

And I don't honestly remember what it was, but it was something that I knew was very complicated to explain just in an email because I knew they were going to, there was just a lot of nuances to it. And it was going to take a really long time to draft the email, but it's just as really, it was, it was, it was something that was extremely difficult. I think it might've been had to do with immunity and industrial duty, which is something that's pretty complicated in the, in the state of Missouri, especially recently, but.

You can use the videos to these video messages to explain legal concepts that are really hard to explain in writing. And you're able to break down these legal concepts into a really simple and easy to understand explanation. And you can talk just like we're talking now, right? Like I'm talking to you right now where you'll have ums and things like that in there, but they get to hear it from you. They're going to have a better explanation from you than if you just put it in writing.

Another one, and this is not something that we do, but this is one of those ideas that I had appointment reminders. Okay. I, I, my guess is, is that if you were, to send a video message before an appointment with someone, especially new clients, if you meet with a new client in person, this is probably a very effective way to get them to show up to it. You could also do it for court appearances that they need to show for.

Tyson (07:41.902)
Any important deadlines where you need information from them it has that little personal touch that you want I think like for criminal defense attorneys. It would be really really helpful You know, hey James, you've got court tomorrow. It's your plea hearing So make sure you are dressed up you have your suit on Make sure that you have family members that are willing to come and speak on your behalf at the sentencing. Yeah Yeah, so you get the idea. It's a really effective way to to get them. I think to show up

to wherever they need to go. All right, another one, a follow -up to any client meeting or consultation that you have, or a follow -up to maybe you had a meeting with an opposing counsel, or you had a mediation like in Missouri, if there's a work comp mediation, the client's not there. It's just the judge and the attorneys.

So you could do a summary after those, or when it comes to client meetings, if you want them to remember some key things, you can send them a summary via a video that they can always have, that way they don't have to write something down, or it's a piece of paper that you gave them that you could lose. This would go to them in an email or a text message that they could easily use and keep later. The next one is, and this is one that we do use to request client testimonials. So you can send it.

People are far more likely to respond with a yes, I'll give you a testimonial or I'll give you a five star review at the end of the case or whenever, really if you've done something good for them during the case, even if it's not the end, they're far more willing to give it to you if you send a video than just a simple email or text message. Another one that we've done in the past, this is not something that we do for everybody because you think about doing it for every single client.

And by the way, I'll just make this as a side note. These are usually personalized. Yes, you can make these video messages that you send out to everybody. But what I like about these video messages, they are specific to the client. So you're actually saying their name and giving details to them that way that they know it's about them. You could just do a blast with a video. Hey, you know, Merry Christmas from Utrecht's Furrmendriller, something like that.

Tyson (10:06.766)
It's gonna be far more effective if you make this personalized. But to my point, we have done holiday greetings in the past or birthday videos to clients in the past. It's one of those things that's very time consuming. So doing it, I've not done it to every single client. That's just a lot to ask. But it's something you could do, especially if you're a type of a firm where you have a limited number of clients and so you have more time to be able to.

send a video like that. Something else that we've done in the past, and this is similar to what I did earlier with the client that I was talking about, or to explaining some sort of complex legal theory or concept that you want the client to understand, but it's explaining documents. So I've done this with settlement releases. I've even done this where we had a bankruptcy trustee.

In Missouri, this is probably similar in other states where if the client's going through a bankruptcy during a personal injury case essentially the bankruptcy trustee becomes our client and All of the clients still our client to it's it's it's sort of complicated. I'm not going to get into it but something that I did on that case or on some of those cases, but I've done with other clients when it comes to settlement releases and so the bankruptcy trustee is an attorney usually and I think maybe they're always attorney I don't know but every time I've dealt with them, they're always an attorney and

And it was easier for me to explain the release to them via video than it was going back and forth because we had gone back and forth quite a bit and there was a lot of questions even you know over the phone and it was just easier for me to go through the release via video with it on the screen so they could see it and on that they gave me wonderful feedback they said that's that's great it was easy to understand i really appreciate you sending that over so that's something else you could do is is explaining a document.

if you need to via video. And then the last one, this is one where, and this is, I was talking about that message that I sent and let's see if they have responded yet. Because right now it is office hours and I have not yet gotten a response. We're only two minutes into office hours, so it does not appear I've gotten a response yet. Although they have acknowledged that they've seen it, which is they've got a little, they added a little emoji to it to let me know that they've seen it. But not yet, but.

Tyson (12:32.014)
I sent a message to the CARES team earlier to ask if they wanted to start getting client feedback by sending a video message. And with Dubb, you can allow them to comment on the video. They can do a lot of different things. They can do emojis. They can click different buttons. I think there might be even a survey option. I need to check on that. But you can get client feedback from them. How are we doing on your case? Is there anything you need from us? Can we do anything better?

things like that, that way you can improve the experience for them and do a better job of representing them. So those are all of the different ideas and ways that we use video messaging. Before I go though, I wanted to tell you about something new that we're doing. We're, we've opened these before, opened it before and it's still open for submissions, for questions on all things starting and running a law firm so that we can answer them on a future episode of the podcast.

whether you're dreaming of launching your own firm, you're knee deep in the trenches or somewhere in between, we're here to listen and I want to make sure that you reach out to us so that we can take your video and answer your questions live on the air. Just go to maximumlawyer .com forward slash ask. That's maximumlawyer .com forward slash ask and we will read your question on the air. Actually play your question on the air and answer it live for you.

Alright, that's all I have for you as a reminder if you have any questions that you want me to or have any questions for me or if you have something you want me to cover on a Saturday show just shoot me a text and I'll try to cover if I can 314 -501 -9260 especially last week we had a lot of great suggestions from the show so I would love to hear some some more for you from you and By the way, I did get a response just just a second ago for from my message. I was talking about to our cares team

They're 100 % up for trying it especially if If we pay for her, but she said here's one of the here's the message says I think that some clients may benefit from that I'm 100 % up for for trying it out, especially if you pay for it already I think a few clients are older might appreciate it that most who are older might appreciate them. Interesting. Okay, very good. So we they are open to it And so I think we're gonna try that out for the cares team, but I am wrapping things up So until next week, remember that consistent action is the blueprint

Tyson (14:58.126)
that turns your goals into reality. Take care.

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