The Last Thing You Should Think About When Starting Your Law Firm


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When starting your law firm, there are so many details to set up and get running. The most common mistake that Jim and Tyson see is new law firm owners getting stuck on branding details like the name of the law firm. In this episode Tyson deep dives into the ins and outs of what you should and should not focus on to get yourself started. Listen in. 

Episode Highlights:

  • 02:15 The process of designing the best law firm and the importance of niche selection
  • 03:16 The significance of choosing a specific and industry-relevant name for a law firm
  • 05:17 The importance of prioritizing the operational and financial aspects of the law firm over its name and branding
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Transcripts: The Last Thing You Should Think About When Starting Your Law Firm

Tyson (00:15.51)
I'm getting there, I promise.

Tyson (00:32.654)
Hey, Tyson Mutrix here with another episode.

Hey, Tyson Mutrix here with another Saturday episode of the Maximum Lawyer podcast. Today, I'm going to be talking about the last thing you should think about when designing the law firm of your dreams. And this comes from a conversation that Jim and I had in the guild. So we did this training recently and it was designing the best law firm possible in 60 minutes or something like that. And it was…

really interesting because we covered a lot of different things that it just, it was interesting how the conversation went as what I'll say. And I'll, I'm talk about that in a second. Before I get to that though, I do want to tell you about something that Jim and I are doing that's new on the podcast. And I did discuss it last week, but we would love to hear from you if.

you are thinking about starting a law firm or if you've got questions about running a law firm, we'd love to hear from you. It's something new that we're doing and we're opening up submissions for questions on starting and running a law firm. So whether you are just starting out or if you're in the trenches and you need that lifeline, go to maximallawyer .com forward slash ask.

and submit your video to us and what we'll do is we're going to play that on the air and we're going to answer your questions and what we'll do is we'll get that sort of in a live format and we're going to give you our immediate answer that so we're not going to some of the things we're not going to get these in advance and we're and then try to give you this long detailed explanation we're going to kind of give this to you raw where it comes to us we're going to play it and then we're going to answer those as if as if it's live.

Tyson (02:36.174)
So it's something new that we're testing out. Would love to hear from you. And also you can text a video to me. That's going to be a more difficult. So 314 -501 -9260 because the videos get too long. It may be more difficult to submit them. So the easier way to do it might be maximumlawyer .com forward slash ask. That might be the easier way to do it. So just keep that in mind. But would love to hear from you. And if you just want to text me about.

something you want me to cover on the show, I would love to hear from you. So 314 -501 -926 -0. Let's get into today's topic. And it's the last thing you should think about when starting your law firm. So it was interesting, the conversation Jim and I went through. And we first started, we started from scratch where we didn't even have a practice area that we wanted to choose. So we did.

just, I mean, pretty much everything you could think of within 60 minutes. I mean, 60 minutes is 60 minutes. So we weren't able to design everything, but where it first started was, okay, what practice area do we want to choose? And we wanted to get as niche as possible just to make marketing as easy as possible. And we definitely, the conversation early on, other than niching, guided towards the marketing. How are we going to get these cases? And then after that, we did get into…

case processes and all that. But you know, like who does what? Because we it's one of those things where we had to factor in, all right, how do we learn this new practice here? Because that was another thing where we talked about Alicia Kinshlo. She did at one of the Maxim lawyer conferences, Max Law Cons. She did a presentation that has been very well received where she she picked up a new practice here and she talked about how she did it. And it was really cool. So we we talked a little bit about that.

But what was interesting is something we did not come to until later in the conversation and Jim had a really good name for it. And I can't tell you the name of it off the top of my head, but it was a fantastic name. We decided to do Elderlaw for the niche that we did. And we didn't come up with a name. So the last thing I think that you should probably come up with.

Tyson (05:03.406)
after you've thought of everything else is the name. Don't worry about coming up with some name if you have to. I would say if you have to use your name in your law firm. But I think if I were to go back and redesign things, I would go back and I would change it and I would come up with some sort of industry specific name. You see Josh Worsheib, I think his is Onward Law.

Tyson (05:36.526)
Jordan Ostroff has a really cool, I think it's a driven law, something, I think that's the name of it. I may be wrong, but he's down in Florida. Josh is in Illinois, but they spent a lot of time on that name, but the other stuff they had already kind of figured out. Jordan was already in a position where he was running a law firm and they changed the name of it to driven law. Josh was already an established lawyer and he,

Decided to start a new law firm, but he had all the other stuff figured out too. I mean who knows maybe you have a name like you just came it came to you and you have a fantastic name great, but I would put the Focus the primary focus the whole point of this is the primary focus needs to be on how's the how's this law firm gonna work? Okay, what are the mechanics of this? What are the finances look like all of that? Who's gonna be the leadership? What's what's the org chart need to look like? all of those things first

The last thing you need to be thinking about is the name and then the domain name, all that. That stuff will come. Those are important things. I'm not saying that they're not important. I'm saying that if you can focus on the other stuff first, the more important things, that will come to you. A really good name will come to you. And that's sort of how the name developed whenever Jim and I were going through this is that…

He just, a good name ended up coming to him as we were going through it. It's like, that's a great name. Let's use that. And James, James, Jim is really good about coming up with things like that. If you ever need an idea for a name, call Jim, because he's really good about coming up with those. But that's all I have for you today. If you're starting a new law firm or if you're thinking about changing the name of your law firm, it's one of the last things you need to think about. Don't focus on that first. We see a lot of people worried about.

name of their firm, logos, website, all that. That is, it's not a waste of time, but if you spend all that time working on that as opposed to the more important things, then, and we can talk about what the things you should focus on, I guess in another episode, but I wouldn't start with your law firm name. I wouldn't start with the name of your website. I wouldn't start with logos. Okay? I would do those near the end. All right.

Tyson (07:59.182)
That is all I have for today. Thank you for joining me until next week. Well, before I do that, make sure you do get me your video submissions. I want to remind you to do that. MaximumLawyer .com forward slash ask. And if you have something you want me to cover, as always shoot me a text 314 -501 -926 -0. And until next week, remember that consistent action is the blueprint that turns your goals into reality. Take care.

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