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Tyson Mutrux, is the owner of Mutrux Firm, LLC and co-founder of Maximum Lawyer. Today we share his presentation Stop the BS from MaxLawCon 2019.

Watch the presentation here.

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Transcript: Stop the BS with Tyson Mutrux

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Run your law firm the right way. This is the maximum lawyer podcast, podcast, your hosts, Jim hacking and Tyson metrics. Let’s partner up and maximize your firm. Welcome to the show.

Becca Eberhart
In today’s episode, we’re throwing it back to a presentation from Mac flock con 2019. Tyson Neutrik shares his presentation, stop the BS. This episode uses adult language. So if your kids are in the room virtual learning, you may want to pop in your earbuds. Let’s get to it.

Tyson Mutrux
Have a nice little chat. It’s kind of a weird setup with the stage but we’re gonna we’re gonna have a little chat. It’s right, you know, I’m gonna do this. I’ll do I’ll do this. crisscross applesauce. So let’s talk about daily life. Right? It can get a little stressful, right? You’d agree with that. And I know some of you will have some success. You’ve had some success, but I know because you’ve told me you feel like a fraud. Some of you do. I felt like a fraud before you feel like everyone thinks you’re successful. You’re not as successful as you think you should be. Right? Right. Come on. Right. You know this drill. Some of you have less cases than you think you should. Right? You’re comparing yourself to other people. It makes you feel like shit. Right? You’re pissed off clients that are calling you all the time. Right? Hopefully not all the time. But every once awhile it ruins your day. And sucks. Oh, we’re getting dumped. This is a fun one. So how many of you had been dumped fired or something like that? Is that haven’t you before? Yeah. My law partner just dumped me last year and it sucked. Right. I can’t tell you how and why it happened. I have no freaking clue. You know what? It sucked. I get it. There’s the daily bills, right? Those daily bills. I just love seeing those checks, go out the door. Integrate. You watch the debit account just do or your credit card bill guru, you know, it’s it sucks. It’s it’s it’s frustrating. It’s daily life. Ah, taxes. Right. I would bet that someone in here probably owes back taxes. Yeah. Some of you have a really big tax bill. It’s a good problem to have. But it sucks, right? It really does suck. Oh, employees. Right. You got really good employees. You got the ones that steal from you. Steal your time. It’s the same thing as stealing your money. It freakin sucks. Maybe you spend months on a presentation. And the day you gave the presentation. The PowerPoint didn’t work. sucks, right? Maybe you spent a year on a conference the day the conference started. The techie had some technical issues that don’t let the PowerPoints work. Things suck. Name out. There are some other things that suck on your daily life. Everyone’s well there’s there’s things there’s something out kids fighting, right? You get in a fight with your spouse. Things what something else something else? Slice bagels, YES. Jimmy, you lose it the government maybe it sucks, right? struck a chord with a couple of you. I know. I can see your faces. I see it. Does it stress you out a little bit? A little bit. You’re thinking about the cases you’ve got at home people calling you all your voicemails, your emails are just increasing. Well, I guess I’m tell you get the fuck over it. Get over it. It’s not gonna change. It’s not going to stop, get over it. See Gemini in a very unique position. It’s actually really great. You all have amazing ideas that you will tell us on a daily basis. But what happens is, you don’t follow through. For one reason or another. You have excuses. It’s crazy that we all have some of the most insane ideas and more even more insane excuses. I’m too old. I’m too young. I don’t look good on video. I don’t sound good. Whatever it may be. You got all these excuses, right? Stop the bullshit. Stop it. It’s ridiculous. Stop. Jimmy got up here. And I added this slide after his presentation. I had no idea was gonna tell you I knew his story. I had no freaking clue. He’s gonna tell you the story. And I’ll tell you I had to practice several times last night so I wouldn’t tear up during this presentation. Because that I mean, I’ve never gone anything through it even close to what Jimmy went through. Nada, nada, nothing close. Not even Scintilla. But he got the hell over it. And he stopped the bullshit. He kept on with his life. He went to counseling. He did what he needed to do to move on with his life. So I stopped the bullshit. But I’ll tell you what, I got back into the bullshit I’ll tell you in a second. But I stopped the bullshit. I was in the army. And I was in a a reserve unit that actually activated other reserve units and when we were able to do is the reserve units would come through us They would mobilize, and then they would come back. Alright, so I got to see people go and come back. And I’ll tell you that they were different when they came back a lot of more. But there was a guy I remembered him. I remember it was like is just like his yesterday, we played basketball free left. So this was during the surge. I don’t know if you’ll remember the surge right before the war started. And we are for McCoy, Wisconsin. There’s nothing to do in Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. Anybody from Wisconsin? Couple people. So it’s between Sparta and Toma, which are just two armpits. And just it’s not it’s not a great place. But we played basketball every night, we would play for hours. And we would play all the time. Well, he had come back earlier than his unit did. And we played all night played all night. And I said what are you doing back earlier than your unit? You know, he seemed completely fine. And what he did was he slid his shoe off. He was missing part of his foot. And I never knew it. You would never know it. He had stopped the bullshit. Something really terrible had happened to him. And he kept moving forward. He kept moving forward. Stop the bullshit. But here’s the thing. I fell back into the bullshit, right? I got an ego. I started getting some good cases. Right? Everything’s going good for me. But then I sort of fell back into it. You know, anyone had that really good year, and then the follow is sort of a decline? Raise your hand? Yeah, it happens. It happens. So I will tell you, I mean, I had the decline. It sucked. And, you know, it’s, it’s hard to go through because you think every year your your your raises are going to your your money’s gonna go up, your bank accounts gonna go higher and all that and it gets great. Your life can get better. You have the bigger house nicer cars. Sometimes it doesn’t have that. I fell into that trap. I’d gotten past it from a business standpoint, but I still have that low confidence. So something you got to know about me is my parents. Neither one of them graduated high school. My dad went back in his 30s and got his GED. And I thought it was the coolest thing. Whenever I was a kid, like all my dad, he went back to human back to his GED. I mean, a lot of you probably know, you know, my parents are professionals. They’re doctors, they’re lawyers, whatever it is, my dad got his GED, and I was ecstatic. My dad’s mechanic, and they worked their asses off. So I could be where I am today. And, but, you know, I had this idea, you know, I’m, you know, social social ladder. I’m down here, you know, people are up here. Before I went to law school, before I had gone to the army, you know, what I had done, I had signed up to go to Lynn Tech College is a technical school and mid Missouri. I thought I was gonna go do some it work. And it was a two year degree. And that’s what I was going to do with my life. Luckily, I joined the Army that changed my life, a lot of experiences I had, people had confidence in me, parents that worked really hard for me, that really sort of helped me out. But I had failed, I’d fallen into this back in this idea that, you know, I just wasn’t wasn’t worth it. Or I was not worth it. I had low self worth. But luckily, about 18 months ago, I had hired Jason so you’ll have heard me talking about him before. And he got me out of my funk. You know, he made me realize I’m frickin worth it. I’m worth it. And so, Stop the bullshit, you need to stop the bullshit, just like I did, you’re gonna fall back in it, and you got to stop it again. Okay.

Becca Eberhart
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Tyson Mutrux
So here’s the problem. And I’ve thought about this quite a bit. Don’t say who it is. Who knows who it is. Raise your hands. Okay, so this is gonna be fun. For somebody. They’re a little bit older. Do you know who this is? Now? Raise your hands, everyone. Okay, yeah, a few more. Few more hands. It’s Clark cat. Right. So for those of you that have lived under a rock for 50 years, that’s Clark Kent. And it’s Superman. Right? Whether you like the old one or the new one, whatever. There’s been a variety of them. There’s the guy that ran Ripley’s Believe It or Not show and he was Superman. He was garbage. But he was he was there. So here’s here is the problem that when we get to the point, most of you think you’re Clark Kent and I do Gender doesn’t matter. This Superman was my favorite growing up, okay? Most of you don’t notice I’ve got a tattoo on my back. It’s probably a mistake, but I’ve got a tattoo on my shoulder. But it was whatever. But most of you walk around thinking you’re Clark Kent, you do you cloak yourself with all these excuses. I’m too old. I’m too young, whatever it may be all your ridiculous excuses. You think that you’re Clark Kent? I’m telling you, you everyone in this room. You’re a superhero. You really, really are. Stop the bullshit. You’re all superheroes. Now. I’ve got a little bit of science to back it up. It’s going to be a short presentation on science. Not a whole lot. But Dunning Kruger Do you all know Dunning? Kruger? Kruger. Anyone recognize that? Alright. So Dunning Kruger what it is, they did a test a lot or a research project a long time ago. And what it talked, what it did was in the bulk of the study talks about how people usually overestimate their abilities, okay. And this little arrow there, it’s I’m saying that’s done. That’s everyone else is not in this room of people that didn’t come to this conference. And here’s why I know, because this is you. The other part of it is these are people that the top achievers, those people actually underestimate their abilities. And that’s you all, and I know that you you will, because like I talked about earlier, Annika, we know each other, we know each other. I know how badass you all are, you will share just amazing information. You tell us your ideas. I know your ideas. They’re frickin awesome. They really are. But then you clothe yourselves with all these damn excuses, and all the bullshit. And why you can’t do this or that I’m too busy. I’m too tired. I’m too old. I’m too young, whatever it may be, get over it. Like the people that don’t want to shoot videos. You don’t have to do it. Are you kidding me? Come on. How many people in this room can help you with video a lot? Just ask reach out, Stop the bullshit. So let’s get you past that. Okay, let’s get you pass it. Confidence is the number one indicator for success. You’ve got to have the confidence you do without it, you will fail. You’ve got to have it. Done wells. This is how you do it. I didn’t make this up. This is all stuff that has been tried and trued. It’s good stuff. It works. Every day, I want you to write down three things you did in the last 24 hours every single day, every single day. So we’re gonna do something right now. I want you to think 10 seconds. Think about one thing you have done well, in the last 24 hours. Just one, nothing else. Just one. Go. All right. Now I want you to do is I want you to turn to your right or your left. I don’t care. tell someone what you did well in the last 24 hours. All right. That’s enough chatter. I didn’t say make a friend I said Say something you did. Well, quit patting yourself on the back that much. Calm down. Did that feel a little good? Did that feel good? Did it didn’t feel great? A little bit to say something good that you’ve done? Did it? Yeah. Come on. Can I hear you? Yes. No. It feels good. It does. If you do that every day, it’s gonna change your mindset. Every single day, we’re building that confidence. We’re getting there. Okay. That’s one part of it. Next thing is your mantra. And I’m gonna tell you something that’s absolutely true. I’m going to tell you my mantra that I’ve never told a soul. Okay? And I was I’m a little a little hesitant to tell you. But here’s what it is. I say this to myself every day. So don’t it’s it’s my mantra. You can’t make fun of it. It’s mine. You can’t take it from me. So go to hell. It’s I’m a visionary. And I’m driven. I run the most successful personal injury law firm in the Midwest. I’m married to a gorgeous wife and have three amazing children. I tell myself that every single day. And I do it. It’s a part of a series of things that I do that Jason Celica taught me, but it works. So I want you to think about something for a second. Just take a couple seconds and I want you to think in your head. And you don’t have to finalize this right now. But I want you to think okay, generally, what’s my mantra? Okay, I want you to think about it for a second. I’m not going to ask you to tell me what it is. Just think about it for a second. All right. Billy Umansky. You still in here. Come up here. Oh, yeah. So you were nervous as hell. I never thought you’d be nervous. Before his presentation yesterday. Man, he was back there. I mean, I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I don’t know how this is gonna go, oh, my gosh, what I do, but it gave me a meditation exercise. Okay, and so let’s go through it really quick. Okay, so you closed your eyes, and we’re gonna skip the mantra. Okay, so we’re gonna do what we did yesterday. So I said breathe in for six seconds. 123456 hold for a second. So what we do is we rush this Okay, and so we we rush it, you got you and then we rush it. So you want to count in your head slowly, and then you breathe seven seconds. 1234567 You smell like booze? Alright, so the next thing, what do we do? You took 30 seconds and you close your eyes and you visualize your perfect life, right? You’re not going to ask me that. I’m not going to ask you what it is. You told me not to ask you. So I’m not gonna ask you. You’re just funny. Here’s an I’ll tell you what I I’ll tell everyone would I visualize, okay, I’m gonna let you inside my brain. And so I it’s funny. I, my wife and I have got this really nice plot of land that we want to buy. It’s gonna be really expensive, and I want to put a big house on it. And there is a driveway actually the house that was on it has been torn down. And there’s a big long driveway with a pond. On the left side. There’s trees growing over the driveway. And I visualize actually sitting in the back of a town car. I don’t know why towncar but in the back, so someone’s driving me. And I sit in the back, and they drive me up and I see the house. I see the pond on the left side. And my kids, I’ve got a pool in the back. They’re all having fun in the backyard. I’ve got dogs running around my wife greets me at the door. I mean, I know it’s a dream. Trust me in sometimes what I do. I’ll even I’ll even visualize getting on a jet that I own. It’s kind of a cool cool thing. You know, I get to have fun with this. But it’s my my vision right? My perfect life. And it’s again, it’s mine. You can’t have it you can you get your own Kent State Take it from me. But I take that 30 seconds everyday. And I visualize that you did the same thing, right? It’s not my dream, right? It’s different way different dream. I’m sure. Don’t start. So and then after that. The next thing is and hopefully I’m okay on time is 30 seconds, another 30 seconds and I visualized killing it. Right. So you took 30 seconds. And you you visualized killing it right felt like yeah, I felt like I talked me through it. I visualized. It was great. So and I told you what you do is you know I want you to really be in the moment I want you to think about the steps that you take up to the stage. The breaths you take the words coming out of your mouth, you’re really living that moment. Okay, so each day you will need to visualize your day to build kill it. Yeah. Yeah, he killed it. And trust me, what I did didn’t make him kill it. But it helped. Right? It helps. You had a lot of coffee. He slowed me down. It was great. You needed it. It was really good. I liked the hug after he gave me a hug. It was good. It felt good, right? It feels good to hug each other. And sit down. You can sit down. Thank you for being my guinea pig. Alright, so and then you wrap it up with more breaths, your mantra and then your breaths. Okay. And if you’ll do that, I’ve got to get my clicker. If you will do this. I promise you after a few months, maybe I should probably after a couple days. You’ll Stop the bullshit. Okay. Thank you.

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