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Not only does she help people make smart decisions about their real estate, but she has also been awarded the North Carolina Lawyers Weekly Rising Star award.

Tiffany found her way to the practice of law while working in a top-performing channel of a global corporation, and attended law school at night while increasing her knowledge of complex commercial issues through hands-on experience during the day.

She is not afraid of being different from other attorneys in her market and doesn’t shy away from being the youngest or newest. 

In this episode, Tiffany shares her incredible journey working side by side with her late partner Ben Thomas after making the mutual decision to focus solely on real estate law. After his unexpected passing, she forged ahead with great resilience and perseverance while still executing her vision, keeping the business strong, and becoming a new mom.     

She will be the first to tell you that success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years, so start now!

2:25 our styles really mesh

6:36 that was really interesting 

10:53 such a transition period

14:44 he made me review it with him regularly 

17:52 we don’t let things happen to us 

20:30 giving myself permission to leave the office

Jim’s Hack: Keep track of how big you are as a business on a spreadsheet so you can see the progress you’ve made.

Tiffany’s Tip: 1) Take your big goals for the year, put them on a sticky note where you can see them, and as new projects or demands pop up, ask yourself, how does this help me meet one or two of those goals?

2) If you want to feel like an email wizard, check out Superhuman.

Tyson’s Tip: If you need help remembering to drink water throughout the day, checkout the free Drink Water app.

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