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In this episode, Jim and Tyson interview Nadim Ramic. They will go over his background and his practice, paying special attention on how being a Bosnian-American actually helps his business. Lessons learned, marketing, struggles and more!

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His firm:

Nadim is a personal injury attorney, and works mainly for Bosnian-American people. St. Louis has the biggest Bosnian community outside of Bosnia in the entire world.
“Being of Bosnian-American descent in St. Louis and being one of the first Bosnian-American lawyers in town, I had a great clientele foundation to fall back on.”

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“My marketing money is better spent on my niches in my native language, because that is where I have the competitive advantage over everybody.”

Hacking’s Hack: A great show! You will learn a lot of awesome things about social media.

Nadim’s Tip: Focus on the basics; Simple things. Stay in touch with prior clients.

Tyson’s Tip:
A book.
Escape the To-Do List Trap: How to Take Charge of Your Time and Finally Get Things Done by Elaine Quinn

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