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In this episode, Jim & Tyson interview Jeff Horn, owner and principal of Horn Law Group, a firm that specializes in family and divorce. Hereunder Jeff tells about why he focused in family and divorce law, and his two books: Shock Proof Divorce and Shock Proof Family Law. Tune in as they talk about how having processes for everything in the office has helped workflow, the challenge he took in breaking a comfort level and how you learn through experience, and his aim at recruiting lawyers that only want to be family law practitioners to partner with them and grow geographically.


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  • About Jeff
    • Attorney in Tom Rivers, New Jersey
    • Principal lawyer at Horn Law Group
    • Three lawyers,three staffs including a recent hired marketing manager
    • Six letterhead firm
    • Inspired by MaxLaw and mastermind experience
    • Has own podcast The Bold Sidebar Podcast
    • Lawyer second career
    • Participation in strategic coach, unique ability.
    • Find talented people to do everything else, including marketing
  • About Jeff’s firm

    • Best clients come from referrals
    • Spend money on digital world
    • Hired Blue shark digital to revamp their website
    • Direct mail advertising to people who need their services
    • Workflow wise, have processes for everything in the office
    • Have over two hundred written processes
    • Telephone free council, a go giver service
  • Why family Law?
    • When started on practice, family and divorce came in through the door
    • Smart lawyers didn’t want family and divorce
    • More and more cases
  • Jeff’s two books
    • Jeff’s “Bang for the buck” is love writing
    • Shock Proof Divorce Started it in 1998 and finished it in 2005
    • Shock Proof Family Law Tightening up of his first book
    • Get an idea, put it in blue folder, and once there is a pattern start dictating
  • Where Jeff will be in three to five years

    • Resource book “Traction”
    • Doing vision tracks
    • Recruiting lawyers between thirty and seventy that only want to be family law practitioners
    • Partner with them in their offices to grow geographically
    • Do back end business at headquarters giving them the opportunity to do their own practice
    • Have five branch offices
  • About Jeff’s podcast
    • Commited to do more human connecting
    • One two one conversations recorded and put out to the world
    • Has somebody to do the editing
  • What challenges Jeff the most
    • Breaking comfortable level
    • Hiring marketing manager and associate when there is no money
    • Small practitioner should believe in himself and be patient
    • Grow out of cash flow problems
    • Hard once you have seen comfort zone
    • Jim > “It’s all about putting yourself in more difficult situations and taking risks
    • “If you fail at something, it’s not failure, it’s learning”
  • Advice to lawyers

    • Take free way out for learning
    • Mindset training
    • Listen to podcasts
    • “Invest in yourself because your two hundred grand is just a tip of the iceberg for what you are going to spend to keep up”
    • Run harder, technology will run into businesses
  • Tips for sales or closing the sign up of a case
    • “People buy for own reasons,not because they think we are smart”
    • Pretend it’s first day in practice
    • When people ask questions don’t give a law school answer.


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Jim’s hack: Book  "Tiger Tactics”: Powerful Strategies for Winning Law Firms by Ryan McKeen, Billie Tarascio, William Umansky, Theresa DeGray and Jay Ruane. Will have them on MaxLaw with tactful practical things.

Jeff’s hack: Reading book “The courage to be disliked” by Ichiro Kishimi - Some highlights > “You are not a victim, you are not in competition with everyone else during competition with yourself to be your best sales” “Do what you do for your community” - Look at the practice of law

Tyson’s tip: Eliminate least profitable activity from your life and start doing more profitable activities




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