The Importance of Community Marketing ft. Parker Layrisson ML117
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In this episode, Jim & Tyson interview Parker Layrisson, a personal injury attorney who runs his own law firm in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. Listen as they go over his car accident personal injury business and the importance of community marketing in a town like Ponchatoula. Also, his struggles running his firm, how his book has helped him, podcasting and more!


  • Parker’s background
    • Ponchatoula, Louisiana
    • Small town lawyer
    • Specialist that does 1 thing: car accident personal injury law
  • The firm’s beginnings
    • Started running a satellite office for a big law firm
    • Went on his own about 10 years ago
    • Took anything that walks in the door
    • Parker’s mother got involved in a car accident, and it got personal for him
    • Focused only on car accident personal injury
  • A niche in a small town
  • Where are cases coming from
    • 88% come from referrals: former clients, the list
    • Intake: Gary Falkowitz
    • Follow up and provide value
    • Mentors and referral sources
    • Goal: 10 cases a month
  • The book and marketing
    • The list
    • Copies to former clients and referrals
    • Reviews
    • “The book is like a business card that you can put on a shelf”
  • Book promotion in Times Square: a marketing hit!
  • Parker’s biggest struggles
    • Staffing issues
    • Replacing marketing and legal assistants
    • Work Life balance
  • Young Guns Mastermind
    • Supporting one another
    • Achieve higher goals
    • Brainstorming
  • Time in the business and on the business
    • More ON than IN
    • 2 associates
  • Podcasting: Parker has started a podcast!
    • A podcast about stories of people that live in Ponchatoula
    • Great way to get in front of people!
    • The logistics of it
  • Community marketing
    • Fighting against bigger city attorneys
    • Programs like Bikes for kids
  • Advice for law students opening their firms
    • The list: track all the people in your life and be meaningful about staying in contact with them
    • Thank you notes


Jim’s hack: Any chance you have to throw a little party and connect with your people, it sort of strengthens the bond of everybody.


Parker’s tip: An app to send hand written notes:


Tyson’s tip: Start tracking your goals and if you are doing the things you said you were going to do.




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