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Today on the show we have Oli Billson, lifelong entrepreneur and marketing legend.

In this episode, we’ll talk about the his four main profit activators he sees in all of his seven-figure businesses, including:

-Having a real vision of how you’re going to scale your firm past the plateau point

-Building a growth team with the capability to scale you from six to seven figures (or seven to multi-seven)

-Having an inbound sales team

-Building an “automation playbook”

He’ll also reveal some of the biggest business myths that are being perpetuated through books and social media you’ve probably consumed, as well as how he structures his time as he runs his multiple businesses.

Hacking’s Hack: Grab your iPhone or your Samsung and look at your messages-scroll down to the very bottom as far down as old as you can get on your messages find people that you haven't connected with in a while and just send them a quick text letting them know that you're thinking about them.

Tyson’s Tip: About two years ago, I started ordering from National Pen Company and people are always asking about you know, where do you get your merchandise things like that? They have high quality merchandise pens, notebooks, things like that and they're really inexpensive. I highly recommend them-National Pen Company. Worst case scenario is if you get on their mailing list, every two weeks they will send you a sample product in the mail. I just got like a notebook in the mail from them. Its actually branded with my firm's information on it, and I get something every two weeks.

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