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In this episode, Jim & Tyson interview Conor Malloy, partner at Chi City Legal, LLC, a 2 men law firm in Chicago. Conor uses Zapier in his firm and he is kind of a magician with it. Listen as they go all over this automation software, its functions, and the way it can help you run your law firm.

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    • About Conor
      • Conor’s firm set up
      • 2 men firm; no support staff
      • Conor has a background in tech and implementing software and coding
      • Conor’s market is self represented landlords
      • A lot of clients required good workflows and automating processes, so that’s when Zapier kicked in
    • Technology for interacting with clients
      • Practice management system: Trello
      • Communication and milestones
      • Integration with Zapier
      • Triggers and integrations
    • Useful Zaps
      • Integration with lots of apps
      • Series of triggers followed by actions
    • 137 zaps > 3000 to 5000 actions per week without any human interaction
    • Favourite Zaps
    • Mindset of automation
      • Know your processes
      • Map out workflow
      • Probable and possible workflows


  • Understanding your processes and what your core technologies are in order to move things along, that’s huge


  • Skill Set required
    • Low code and no code
    • If you are doing filters you can use Zapier
  • Automation malfunction
    • Start collecting data
    • Baby steps
    • Debugging
  • Where to start
    • Getting comfortable
    • Start with boring things that you do over and over
    • Invest time in it


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Jim’s hack: A video marketing tip. When you do your marketing, whether it is a video or an email, always talk as if you are talking to 1 person. People want 1 on 1 interaction. If you can come up with an avatar that’s even better.


Conor’s tip: Now thy processes. That’s when you can begin to delve in, and you might find some stuff where you are banging your head against the wall when you might not ever did it.


Tyson’s tip: An iPhone tip. Whenever you are typing on your iPhone and you misspelled a word or you have to type in another letter in there, there’s a function where if you hold down the spacebar and drag it from side to side it moves your cursor and you can easily navigate through the letters.  




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