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This week on Maximum Mom, your host Elise Buie is joined by Steph Tuss. Women in particular are burdened with a double edged sword – society tells us that our values are built on being a mother to our children, but it also says we should go out and have a career or business of our own. 


Raising children and excelling as an entrepreneur at the same time are two barely synchronizable endeavors. Mothers don’t even have to fail in one of these areas to feel mom guilt. Steph Tuss – CEO of the multimillion-dollar global consulting company Life Is Now, Inc – has been pretty familiar with this mom guilt feeling, all too well.


Before joining Life Is Now, Steph left her career as an educator to launch her own holistic nutrition business, having been inspired by her first daughter’s growing health challenges and her quest for the root cause. Her sole focus when starting her business was to replace her teacher salary of $37,000/year. In spite of the people around her not being confident that she was going to make it, Steph was willing to do anything necessary to continue forward. 


So much so, that she was working early mornings, late nights and weekends – it got to a point where she literally couldn’t do more and started to resent her business. She started her business because she wanted freedom, but ironically, she had created a jail for herself.


Steph realized she was diminishing her returns by not hiring someone to help in her business and with her kids. She let go of mom guilt, sold her business, and joined Life Is Now as the Director of Sales. She was frequently traveling the world with the new company and during one of their events, she realized her ideal life would involve her daughters traveling with her. 


Steph and her husband then made the decision to go for it: They pulled their kids out of school and hired a tutor + nanny that would travel alongside the family, regardless of people constantly questioning their decision.

What does “success” mean to you? What is your vision for your life and business? Listen in!



Episode Highlights:

01:05 Meet Steph and the the unexpected ups and downs of empty nesting 

05:20 The issue of hiring and firing and the emotions around the people piece of business and the standards that are agreed upon

10:21 How often do you check in with your team = micromanage vs. good management 

14:33 How does a law firm come up with a 3D vision?

18:26 Running a business while running a family

26:00 Let’s deep dive into your mindset!

31:35 Finding so much opportunity on the flip side of a bad thing

41:20 Value conflict and how it will kill your business



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