Solo Lawyers Can Grow With a Live and Friendly Receptionist Service ft. Diana Stepleton Pop-Up Episode
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In this pop-up episode, Tyson interviews Diana Stepleton, VP Partner Engagement at Ruby Receptionists. Good news! Ruby Receptionists is launching a new product specifically designed for solo lawyers, and Diana will tell us everything about it.

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That caller is so much more likely to become a client when a nice friendly person answers the phone.”


The Solo Product

Designed trully for a solo, it provides a phone number and it provides Ruby’s app; with 30 minutes of receptionist time. If most of the time you are available and you are taking your own calls, but sometimes you are in court or busy and you don’t want to miss that potential new client call, and you wanna make sure that someone live, friendly and helpful captures that, this product is for you.


The Website:

Ruby Receptionists


The plans:


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