“Search Engine Optimization” w/ Seth Price and Nalini Prasad 186
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This week we’re sharing an incredible speaking engagement from Seth Price and Nalini Prasad about Search Engine Optimization at MaxLawCon18.

Seth Price is an accomplished attorney and transformational thought leader who scaled a 2-person law firm to 38 lawyers in less than a decade. Seth Price founded BluShark Digital LLC a digital marketing company using the same cutting-edge marketing techniques (high-quality technical optimization, sophisticated content, authoritative link-building, and local optimization) that Seth used to grow his own business and has established itself as a best in class digital agency focusing on the legal sector.

Nalini Prasad works alongside Seth Price helping small law firms build their business and stand out online. Nalini frequently speaks to legal audiences across the country on the intersection of utilizing best practices of trending SEO techniques and generating quality leads online. Nalini also shares tips on creative ways to leverage traditional offline marketing efforts to increase a firm’s online presence.

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