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In this episode, Jim & Tyson interview Brooke Moore & Laura O’Bryan of MyVirtual.Lawyer, an entirely online law firm. Listen as they go over their business model set up! Mindset, marketing, lessons learned, biggest struggles and more!

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    • Overview about their firm
      • MyVirtual.Lawyer is an entirely online law firm
      • They offer non traditional services: limited scope representations
      • Customize the entire experience based on individual’s needs and their budget
      • Remote interactions through software: client portal
    • Differentiation from traditional practices
      • Litigation in family law
      • Outsourcing
      • Technology
    • Feedback from clients
      • Always positive
      • No pushbacks
    • Lessons learned
      • Trial and error
      • Finding the right technology
      • Pivot - We have to try it and see if it works and if it doesn’t we pivot
      • Flexible in services and technology
    • Automation time savers implemented
      • Practice manager software
      • Thinking our intake tools with our documents
      • Intake forms
      • Automation
    • Empowering clients


  • Tech stack


    • Marketing the virtual practice
      • UPS box for SEO purposes
      • Marketing not specific to a location
      • Social media marketing
    • Arrangement with lawyers
      • Law firm in Arkansas
      • Licenses to use the brand in the states that it is legal
    • Division of labor
    • A team made of women
    • A portable career
    • Where do they see this going?


  • Expanding to other states
  • The mindset


    • What it is that clients need and how can we do it better?
    • Improvement and growth
    • Implementation of new ideas
    • Planification
    • Working in the business and on the business


Jim’s hack: An app, Airtable. A database that also lets you collaborate and store documents inside the collaboration. It’s like a Google Sheets on steroids.


Brooke’s tip: Try to be as efficient as possible because that is going to free up time and push and move forward.


Laura’s hack: Don’t be stuck. Push the boundaries. Have a good work/life balance.


Tyson’s tip: Time maximization units. Don’t let more than 3 minutes go by without doing something really productive.




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