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In this episode, Jim & Tyson interview Josh Goldstein an Immigration Attorney and owner at Law Offices of Joshua L. Goldstein, PC. Listen as they discuss about his business and how is it like to run multiple offices; intake, staff, marketing and more!   

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  • Josh finally planned a date night with his wife after Tyson’s tip about it in the last MaxLawCon18
  • Josh’s history
    • Big Law job after Law School; hated it, no control over it
    • Pro bono made him realize he wanted to open his own shop
    • Learned a lot from other solo lawyers in his first office building
  • Josh as an Immigration Lawyer
    • Experience
    • Passionate
    • Picky about the cases hi takes on
  • Scaling and processes
    • Each case is different
    • Associates and paralegals
  • Josh’s firm in 10 years
    • Growing pains
    • High volume of calls; call center
    • Intake
  • Intake problems
    • Train your own staff for intake
    • Intake success examples
    • Immigration, Public Interest and Business
  • Running offices in different places in the US, Los Angeles and Boston
    • Background
    • Good staff
    • A lot of travelling
  • Advice to people
    • Accept the fact that it is not gonna work as well when you are not there
    • Intake processes
    • Marketing for multiple locations
  • Running offices remotely
  • What would Josh do differently?
    • Initial marketing to make the phone ring
    • Experts
  • Took California Bar exam
    • Had to go back and learn all again
  • Running the firm and growing the practice
    • Love practicing Law
    • The job: running the business
    • The love: practicing love


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