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In this episode, Jim and Tyson have Bernard Nomberg from The Nomberg Law Firm as a guest.They will go over his practice, how the family business works, their marketing strategies and challenges in a town that requires them to stand out.

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A family business with 100 years of experience!
Bernard runs the firm alongside his brother and partner David, but before them, his father Joel did. Now Joel is happily retired and Of Counsel.
The Law Firm:

Nomberg Law Live and Video Strategies
A weekly show that airs through Facebook Live every Tuesday at 10am CT, 8am PT in which Bernard brings on different guests to talk about whatever it is that is their specialty. To watch Nomberg Law Live go to Facebook and like The Nomberg Law Firm:
The idea is to branch out a little bit and have more variety. But, if you want to see Bernard talking about workers compensation law you can go to his Youtube Channel:

“Just start. Just practice”
As a rehearsal you can do offline videos just to see how you sound like and look like.

“I do videos to try to humanize who I am as a lawyer, cause I think a lot of folks who don’t deal with lawyers they tend to be a little afraid to talk with them. I just gotta show that I am a guy just like them!”

Stand Out!
“As a 2 man firm we can’t compete with the billboards and the TV attorneys; thos big firms. So we have shifted our marketing to the social media, the internet…”

“Just be yourself. People can see through that, if you are being someone else, if you are trying to impress, if you are trying to be something that you are not. Those clients, those friends of the firm, the opposing counsel, the judges, they see through that in a heartbeat… That should be enough with all the learning that you have, with who you know, what you know, the bookmarks… All of that ought to be enough for you to be successful”

Max Law Con: May 17th and 18th

Hacking’s Hack:
A book that actually popped up in the Facebook Group: “The Complete Guide to Law Firm Intake: Powerful Strategies To Maximize Retention and Increase Revenue” by Gary P Falkowitz

“So many lawyers spend so much money on getting the phone to ring, but we all do a pretty poor job, or not a good job as we think that we do, on actually conversion.”

Bernard’s Tip:
Everyone's time is precious. Including those who are calling your office for advice. And I think that listening is the most important thing an attorney can do when he picks up the phone and talks to a client, they just wanna be heard, whether it’s one minute or thirty minutes.

Tyson’s Tip:
If you are not comfortable with video, record a 1 minute video about anything you wanna do and post it to the Maximum Lawyer Group. That way you could get feedback from us and members of the group on it so you can get better.


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