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In today’s episode we’re throwing it back to one of Jim and Tyson’s top ten episodes: Burning the Boats.

Jim and Tyson talk about the importance of being committed to your project.

Hernán Cortés was a Spanish conqueror. He was trying to conquer Mexico with only 600 men, and when he got there and saw how huge the enemy was he realized that the only way they were going to do such thing was if his army knew that there was no way back, no turning back. So he burnt the boats. He is the first person to conquer Mexico.

Commitment. Commit to your firm. Running and building your own law firm is hard, so if you’re going to be half in, in the long run you’ll do yourself and your client a disservice. If you are not committed to building a well oiled machine that functions properly and that all the things that a healthy law firm needs to do, you can’t double in this, you can’t be half in.

If you don’t have work to do, you need to be generating work. It is not OK to stay at home half of the day because you don’t have any work. Work hard, get clients. Hussle.

Hacking’s Hack: A podcast and a blog:, dedicated to outsourcing and finding people to do tasks for you and to make your life more automated. More optimized.

Tyson’s Tip: Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies (Harper Business Essentials), by Jim Collins and Jerry I. Porras. (Harper Collins Publ. USA, July 1st 2004)

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