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In today’s pop-up episode Tyson introduces Maximum Lawyers first employee!

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Transcripts: Pop-Up: Introducing Our First Employee

Unknown Speaker
Run your law firm the right way. This is the maximum lawyer podcast, podcast, your hosts, Jim hacking and Tyson metrics. Let’s partner up and maximize your firm.

Tyson Mutrux
Welcome to the show. Welcome back to the maximum lawyer podcast on taking huge risks. And today it’s me Jimmy is not here he is actually athletes circuit and he’s about to do who is saying. And so it’s me and I am interviewing our first real employee, Becca Eberhart. Good morning, Becca. Good morning. So what we wanted to do was interview you, so people know who you are, you’re going to be more involved as the company grows, and things progressed. And so we want people to get to know you so. So tell people, you know where you’re from a little bit about your family a little bit about your background.

Becca Eberhart
Sure. So I live in Cedar Falls, Iowa, I live with my husband and four kids, I have two stepkids and then a son and a daughter. And they actually range from ages 17 to three months. So really wide fan in there. So I have eight years experience, I actually worked at a sheriff’s office for eight years, I was the records clerk there. And I did work on accidents, incidents, citations, civil paperwork, our sex offender registry and weapons permit. After that, I managed a retail store for a while. And that’s where I really grew my passion for growing businesses. But what I was missing, there really was being able to work from anywhere. And then I also wanted to be able to work with people from anywhere, and you don’t really get that at a local brick and mortar store. So from there, I found Gina horkey. Course become a VA today, and took that a little over a year ago. And I’ve really just been growing that business ever since then.

Tyson Mutrux
Yeah. And so we actually found you through Gina horkey. And you honestly stood out from everyone else. We were really impressed by you. You just there was something about you said you like this energy that you had was really cool. And so but what is the thing that drew you to maximal or because you you’ve been working with us for a few months now what interested you about going full time.

Unknown Speaker
So like I said, I really have the experience in the background between law enforcement and attorney’s offices, our district attorney’s office, so really have that background and understand that type of work. But my passion, like I said, is really growing businesses. So I really like this mix of the platform, the podcast, the social media aspect, the Facebook group, being able to grow that, but also be able to work somewhere where I’m really familiar with what type of work we’re doing.

Tyson Mutrux
Yeah, it’s kind of cool, because like, that’s what we’re doing, and we’re helping you grow, we’re helping law firms grow. And that’s really cool. And Jim and I are really involved with the guild where that’s pretty much all we do. So that’s something that’s really cool, too. Is there something that that really specific that excite you about about the job, I mean,

Unknown Speaker
really growing the podcast, the conference is a really cool spin off to that I actually like that there’s really those four pieces to this business. I like that it’s not just one thing that it’s going to be, you know, this whole company, this whole media aspect that we’re going to grow.

Tyson Mutrux
Yeah, and it’s really kind of crazy, like, we’ve really bootstrap this thing for the beginning. And it’s kind of cool to see it grow. And it’s awesome that we finally, have someone, an employee that can help grow with us. It’s really freaking awesome to work. We are really, really happy to have you. Anything else you want to add anything else you want to talk about anything else you want to tell people.

Unknown Speaker
I mean, I’ll plug that anybody you know, struggling with any time anything like that, look into getting a VA you will love it. It’s really not about the price. I know that it always comes down to expensive, but it’s really freeing up your time, what is your time worth because it’s worth more than what you pay a VA hourly and sometimes the onboarding process can be a bit of a struggle, you know, that takes a little more time. But once they’re in and they’re going, you will love it. So really like to plug that I think that’s about it.

Tyson Mutrux
Yeah. And I mean, it’s been kind of seamless with you. I mean, I don’t like the onboarding too much. I mean, if you find someone smart like Becca, then it’s not too bad. But I’ve I’ve also had bad experiences with the firm where we had some bad VA so i You’re right about that. But it is definitely worth it. We can’t wait to get you more integrated with the company and things are going to be great for the listener. You’re going to hear more of Becca, you’re going to hear more from her. She’ll be doing some intros for some of our our Thursday podcast so don’t be alarmed wherever you don’t hear what’s up Jimmy at the end of the podcast. Probably a better voice and with Gemini that can thanks so much. We are happy to have you and We appreciate everything you do. Thank you.Unknown Speaker

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