“Mistakes Made with Content and Training” w/ Jim Hacking and Tyson Mutrux 292
Categories: Podcast

This week Jim and Tyson go through the common mistakes made when creating content and while onboarding and training.

Watch the recording here.

4:00 mental barriers to creating content
6:50 create a system for creating content
11:06 lessen the friction
12:35 automations and outsourcing
13:35 anticipate to create
15:15 an unlimited amount of content in you
17:05 mistakes when training
21:15 continuous training
23:55 having a point person

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Jim’s Hack: Get a piece of paper, a pen and a match – write everything that you’re angry about and burn the paper and let it all go. 

Tyson’s Tip: If you have an iPhone you can hold down on a message and click reply and the recipient will see that you responded to a specific message. 

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