Gary Falkowitz

Gary Falkowitz

What He’ll Share: Stop Underestimating The Value of Intake

How to Make Him Smile: Tell him that his day consists of playing tennis with his oldest son, soccer with his middle son, basketball with his daughter, a movie night (specifically watching Rocky 4) with his wife followed by throwing out the first pitch at a Mets World Series game with a plate full of chocolate chip cookies awaiting him. The truth is he can’t go 5 minutes without smiling. This would just be a really good day.

Where He’s From: The streets of Brooklyn, New York

What He Does: An attorney that has focused his career on Intake including: Consulting / Starting a call-center / Co-counseling partnerships for mass torts / Authoring “The Complete Guide To Law Firm Intake”

Also Goes By: The guy with the loud voice and does a great “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble” or “Dad

Where to Learn More: Gary loves making a positive impact. With Intake, he is able to use his experiences, relationships and positivity to help law firms maximize the ROI on their marketing investments.  

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