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Today we’re excited to share a presentation by Mike Allbee from MaxLawCon 2021! Tune in to learn about how to use artificial technology and other tools in your business.

Mike feels a great sense of satisfaction and happiness when he helps his clients.  Some of these people are going through the darkest moments in their lives, and he’s grateful that he has the knowledge and skills to help these clients tackle their challenges, head on, and make it to the other side. In Mike’s words, “There’s nothing else quite like it.”

1:33 ALF

4:29 realistic expectations

9:11 Semrush

12:42 about 52 templates

17:02 boss mode

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Transcript: AI & ACDC with Mike Allbee

Becca Eberhart
In today’s episode, we’re sharing a presentation from Max law con 2021. Keep listening to hear Mike Alby as we share his talk AI and AC DC. You can also head to the maximum lawyer YouTube channel to watch the full video. Have you grabbed your ticket to this year’s conference? If not, head to max law con 2020 to get yours today. Now to the episode,

Speaker 2
run your law firm the right way. This is the maximum lawyer podcast, podcast. Your hosts, Jim hacky and Tyson metrics. Let’s partner up and maximize your firm. Welcome to the show.

Speaker 3
My 13 year old daughter slipped a note into my bag. And she told me four things she said number one, don’t die. Number two, have fun. Number three, FaceTime us every night. And then number four. Oh, don’t stay up past your bedtime. I keep my promises to my kids. So I told her. No, they got a casino here. There’s no way. I’m going to bed on time. But three out of four is pretty good. I’m having a great time. And I’m happy to be here. So today I want to talk with you a little bit. I like fun acronyms. It’s my last name is all the law firm. So why in the world? Would you want to write out all the law firm when you can use the acronym elf? And then every time you think of that, you will see the warm, fuzzy alien creature named elf. Right. So we also have Mediation Report in my firm. And I wanted to make it fun. And so I thought, well, we could use lawyer attorney something. Haha, we will have the attorney readiness report we will call it the pirate report. Because our right now, why in the world would you want to call it discovery, when you can call it disco. And think of a disco party every time that you’re giving your responses. Anybody who’s responded to discovery at least once knows, it’s like, pretty much the same thing. You know, it’s just a disco party. So last but not least in Texas, we don’t have complaints, we have petitions. So why say plaintiffs original petition, when you can think dirty pap, every time that you do that. So for me today, I use the acronym ACDC. Because I mean, they’re badass, but also, because it’s fun. It’s a way that symbolizes how to automate creation of daily content. So where’s the Leni Malini is my conference, homie, we hang out at every conference, we have a great time, she works with blue shark and I gotta tell you, I’ve never had blue shark work for me. In fact, they represent a guy who is like a mile and a half away from me and my town. So there’ll be a conflict anyways, but this is the Malini asterisk, because what’s going to happen during my talk is the lady’s gonna say, Oh, dang it, Mike. That’s kind of true. But there’s more to it. And that’s what it says there is more to it. Okay, SEO and content and all that stuff. It can be a bit complicated, but we can also make it where we do a lot of the heavy lifting using AI and other resources. So the next question is, how do we make it where we can truly automate the content? Well, I think we all know that that guy in the back far left is a huge fan of systems. So we got to make it into a system in order to make sure that it actually happens on a regular basis. Now, if you’re familiar with Gary Vaynerchuk, or Gary Vee, I heard him talk one time, and he was saying that he would rather have people who are able to do 90% of what he’s wanting them to do, instead of obsessing over taking that person from 90% to 100%. Because we’re all capable of teaching and training people to do a lot of the heavy lifting, but that last five to 10% it requires a huge investment. So when you’re thinking about these tools in these resources, I think it’s good to make sure that you’re trying to strengthen and enable these people who are creating content for you, but to also have realistic expectation. The first tool that I’d like to talk about is called sem rush or I call it sem rush for the longest time that I thought YouTube video, but sem Rush has a great amount of resources available. We’re not even gonna get in to hardly any of them are talking but what you can do to give your person who’s creating content for you, you can help them have a system by using something like SEMrush so as you can see here We have Honolulu personal injury lawyer, I picked that specific keyword because I thought, you know, there’s probably not going to be anybody from Honolulu at this conference and nobody will feel targeted. Also, I was hoping that I could go to Honolulu and do a little research and the my CPA said, No, but as you can see, Honolulu Personal Injury Lawyer only has 210 hits as far as volume on that right now, these are not going to be 100%. But they’re pretty accurate. Now, what’s cool, though, you can see there’s related keywords. And so those key words, if you click on that, and expand, they’re gonna have 12,900 hits, which is quite a bit more than that 210. And so you’re not pushing on this person and saying, hey, you need to come up with all these key words. Instead, you give him a tool and a resource that allows him to come across him. Now you can also sort the data and the information based on how difficult it is to rank for that keyword, you can also sort based on volume. And so that’s something you might want to do is look for that low hanging fruit, by seeing what’s out there, that’s maybe not as targeted, cool thing about SEMrush as well is that you can have a content brief, it’s a tool that’s included in it. And so it’ll tell you, this is approximately how many words your article your website page should be, it’s going to have related keywords, it’s even going to have links to your competitors. And I left this out of the asterisk comment, some of these tools, they’re gonna give you a sneak peek on what other people are doing, you’re gonna hurt yourself if you try and copy their content. So you need to make sure that you’re using them for inspiration, if you want to see how somebody might phrase something, or how they’ve addressed a specific topic, but you’re going to totally shoot yourself in the foot if you straight up copy people’s content. Now SEMrush also has a Content Market, where if you want you can just pay somebody to go ahead and create your content. So this last one, I think, was 900 some odd words. So you’d actually be paying $160 to somebody on the SEMrush market. If you wanted to do that. Now I’ve tried it. And I wasn’t a huge fan of the results. Because do you like catch up? Well, I could weather Yes. Right? If you ask them a question like that, they would say, Well, generally speaking, I would apply with affirmative response about my desire to ingest ketchup, right? They get these flowery phrases, because they’re getting paid by the word quite often. The other thing is, they don’t really know personal injury law or your area of law. And so what happens is, they go based off their stereotypes. They come in and they say, well get you justice, justice, justice, rah, rah, rah, you know, and they’ll say, even, you know, we’ll work out a special plan to make payment arrangements with you. And I’m like, well, that’s not how Pei works, we do contingency fees, right. So I wasn’t a huge fan of hiring people to do that content through sem rush, but it is an option for you. Now, this next option is called post pace. postbase is a great tool that’s a little similar to those features we talked about, you can see that it’ll tell you, Hey, if you want to rank and be a contender, you should probably have this many words in here, things of that nature. But what I really like about postbase is that it also has more related keywords compared to SEMrush. Now, the other thing that’s a little bit different, too, is you can see the H tags for the results of the people who are your competitors out there online. And so what you can do is you can actually take these H tags, take this other examples, and you can create a content brief. So it’s similar to the other content brief that you have through SEMrush. But it’s also distinctly different. Now, again, you got to make sure you’re not copying content, because that will hurt you period. There’s no way around that. Now, this next tool that we like to use is called surfer SEO. Now, surfer SEO is more robust than, let’s say post pace as far as the data that it provides. But it’s not nearly as robust as SEMrush. And so as you can see, we’ll get more into the nitty gritty as far as what phrases where they’re being used, backlinks, things of that nature. And so it’s going to have more details as far as what you would want to include in your content that you’re having created for you. The other thing that I like about surfer SEO is that you can say hey, I want to exclude a specific person that’s in the results. So for example, if Yelp showed up in your results, you’re probably not focusing on outranking. Yelp, be cool if you did, they’re ahead of you. But at the end of the day, if it’s not truly relevant, you can actually exclude certain competitors and that way you’re going to have more tailor fit key words that you’re going to want to use when you have somebody creating that content for you. thing I like about surfer SEO as well as it has this handy dandy little gauge that almost gamified a little bit. And so as you can see, when you start off with a specific keyword like Honolulu Personal Injury Lawyer, that gauge is going to show a low rating and the red zone of that eight. Now, as you add and create content, that score will increase. Now is this 100% going to guarantee that you’re going to rank if you include every single word? No, and you’ll see why in a little bit. Because garbage in is garbage. And it’s garbage out, right. But what will happen to that I like about surfer SEO, is it’ll also help you figure out what you need to include, as far as key words in your H tags. So your H tags is going to break up your sections and they signal to Google and other things that hey, this is what’s being discussed here, that way to help you show up in those results. So I do like that Taylor fits that based on your key word.

Speaker 4
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Speaker 3
Now Jarvis is my absolute favorite software that we’re using right now. And Jarvis is an AI program. I heard about it from Ernie via attorney in an email. And they’ve made huge strides with improving their product. They’re always adding to it, they have about 52 templates that you can use to guide the content that you want created. And so I’m going to share three of my favorites. So you ever have that feeling like Hey, I should post something to Google My Business, you know, a post or an event or whatever it is, but then you kind of get that writer’s block, or you’re not quite sure what to say that’s not super repetitive. Well, they have a thing where you can explain what you’re looking for. And you can choose multiple outputs. And then it will go ahead and create something for you. So in this one, it says In addition to helping car accident victims all the law firm recently started helping people who have sustained injuries from panda bear attacks at the Dallas Zoo. So we’re wanting this from all the law firm, and we’re wanting to be personable. And so what will happen is it’ll kick those out. So this is one of the results that the AI software kicked out. Business announcement we’re now helping car accident victims, and panda bear injury victims, all the law firm is proud to announce that we are stepping up to help those who have been injured by the Dallas zoo pandas. If you or someone you know has suffered from a panda bear attack, please don’t hesitate to call us at this phone number for your free consultation today. It even threw in those emojis I didn’t put those in there. Now, it’s AI. And sometimes it can go a little bit squirrely and that’s what’s cool about having the multiple outputs is you can say hey, let’s try that again. Or you can have eight outputs at a time and you can scroll through them. It also has other features like you can have a rephrase tool where it will rephrase something that is already pretty good. And they also have a thing called Explain it to a fifth grader, which my kids are older than fifth grade. So I don’t know if it truly works. But that is an option for simplifying things. Now another tool that I really like, is the review responder. If you’re like me, you want to reply and make it personable and point something out but at the same time, it’s better to have that system to offload it as much as you can. The other thing is you don’t want to be repetitive. Thank you so much for hiring us. Thank you so much for hiring us. And so this will give you a little bit of variety that is specific to that specific review you received. So in this one it says Big Mike is the best While you’re in Hawaii, his staff is superduper. Awesome and friendly. And I’m so glad that he opened a second office in Hawaii. Not only is his beard amazing, but he also helped me get $5 million jury verdict against those rascals at all state. Don’t settle for a small mic or even a medium mic. If you’ve been injured in a car accident called Big Mike, you won’t regret it. Okay, so you can put that in whatever the content is. And I’ll ask you the star rating. And then I’ll kick out a response. James, my lovely wife, so I plugged her name in. Jane, thank you for your review. I’m so glad to hear that Big Mike was able to help you in your time of need, we’re always happy when we can deliver on our promise of being the best law firm in Hawaii. If there’s anything we can do for you, or if any other legal needs arise, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We hope this won’t be necessary, but are here if you or your loved ones need our help in the future. So it makes it where you’re not dealing with that writer’s block, you’re not dealing with that repetition, and it mixes it up. Now, this is a true quote. It’s from Mr. Jim hacking. Some things just belong together. Now, what’s cool about Jarvis and surfer SEO is you can actually use them at the same time. And so you can figure out that outline that you want to use those key words, the length and all that stuff, the H tags. And then as you’re writing it using either your own typing, or the AI software to create the content, what will happen is it will adjust that score on that gauge that we were looking at earlier. So usually what will happen is you can give some key words and some context so that it will know what you’re going to write about. Another option if you really, really want to integrate or automate is they have what’s called recipes. And so you can say it’ll say, hey, write an outline about this particular key word. Hey, what are four points about this, Hey, write a paragraph about that. And so this is in what’s called the boss mode of Jarvis AI, it will take commands it can respond to those commands quite well. And again, there are going to be some times where it goes a little squirrely, like, no, that’s not accurate, but by and large, it’s pretty dang good. And they actually even use Grammarly within Jarvis AI, so it’s going to catch a lot of those spelling and grammatical errors. So as you start adding the keywords that are in the list, your score starts to go up. So on this one, these are the H tags. And so we’ve got Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 is where it’s at Honolulu, Hawaii forever. Right? So as long as you include them in there, but we talked to earlier about garbage in, garbage out. So if you have crazy, absurd headings like that, it’s not going to be the same. And you can see actually, what I did is I got this green score the 75. But all I did was type those words, the number of times that it said, so nobody’s gonna read that. So you’ve got to be really careful. Malini, right? We got to make sure that we’re actually making good content and not just wham bam, Thank you, ma’am. We’re throwing these words in, you’re gonna like it dammit. Now, don’t forget to sprinkle yourself in there. Okay. That’s one of the big issues is that people we know they don’t want they want to fully automate it. But at the same time, you want to make sure that your flavors coming through. If your big, bald, bearded guy wearing an AC DC t shirt at a conference, then do you right? If you’re not, don’t do that. But the other thing is, there’s been rumblings too about someday Google could potentially have something that the text is something was created using artificial intelligence. And so in order to avoid that, if you put that human element in there and sprinkle yourself in, then that won’t be an issue for you. Last but not least, Jarvis uses its research a specific portion of the internet. I don’t remember exactly what it is. But I do remember they said it’s not recent enough for Jarvis to be aware of COVID-19. So it had to be at least a couple years ago. And it’s constantly scrubbing the internet. And it’s not just recirculating and jumbling the words in these articles, it’s actually learning from that, I would say that you want to make sure that you use a safety net, to make sure that there’s no plagiarism issues. So you definitely want to make sure that you use Copyscape or something else to make sure that you’re not going to get dinged by Google. Now, I didn’t do anything fancy. But if you got a callback There’s gonna be links to these specific products. They’re not affiliate links or anything like that. That’s just if you didn’t really want to take notes. So again, I do feel like these are tools that can kind of help elevate a content creator, take somebody who’s maybe a okay writer and enhance their abilities, but they’re not going to be a total fix all so if you’re busy, it’ll also help speed that up. But thank you for Have me again. Call Big For slash AC DC. If we’re not friends on Facebook we can be so please say hi to me. I like to be social. I don’t know everything. That’s why I love learning from all y’all and I’m so happy to be here and thank you so much.


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